Africa, the second largest continent in the world….11,677,239 square miles of travel galore! Breathtaking beaches, the beautiful bush, and on top of that- wildlife HEAVEN!! But its the people who really make it what it is, known for their seemingly endless charm and generosity it’s no wonder Africa has stolen so many hearts!!! 7 years… Read More

So, it´s been a while… As of the last post, we´ve sweated a lot, tanned a ton, and had some fun weekend activaties. I shall expand: We caught the overnight bus from Quito to Atacames at about 11:30 and arrived at the coast a little before 7-ish. The night was extremely hot, noisy, and the… Read More

Greetings from Kenya! Helen here again… We are pretty much one big family now. And think 8 is the magic number for a group, because we fit perfectly into the truck, and two tents & it’s good we are really close and not in separate groups at all. This week has been a bit chaotic… Read More

Well, the trip is about a third of the way over. So scary how fast it´s gone. Tonight, around 11pm, we will board a bus destined to our second volunteering location, the Northern Coast of Quito. We´ll be staying in the village of Caimito, near Esmereldas and Atacamas. So far, the trip has been fantastic;… Read More

The word adventure incorporates risky, dangerous or uncertain experiences….but an adventure doesn’t have to be dangerous……                Taking a wild expedition in to Costa Rica, an adventure tour in to the pristine rainforests and crystal clear waters of this beautiful central American paradise can be a much safer experience, when travelling with an organisation who will… Read More

Monday: What a difference a day makes! Having spent my first full day and night in Playa Colorada (definately in my top 3 best beaches du monde) and things are looking up : ) Already Alice and I have experienced some great Latin American/Caribbean food (fresh fried grouper, shellfish cerviche, buttery arapas and goooorgeous empanadas),… Read More