I just got back from Chilcapabamba (the new Andes community) today and I think it´s gonna be a real success. The accommodation is great – in a community tourism centre – and there are a few interesting projects that they are looking to carry out. I will fill in the Ecuador Long info Sheet updating… Read More

Dear Alice, Many thanks for your e-mail. They are participating and each part of their activities contributes to the country development. And we really appreciate that. They have shown all their last challenge to finish the pumping well, everybody worked really hard under the heat and I am really proud of them. I have chosen… Read More

We arrived in Moshi on Sunday after a two hour van drive. On Monday we had a tour of the town and was shown where all the amenities such as the bank were, it’s a much smaller town than Arusha and easy and safe to walk around. I needed to go to a bureau de… Read More

On Monday we continued at Rau Primary School with me and Harry working on the toilet again. Sadly despite hiring a better builder and pulling out al of the stops we didn’t complete the toilet block this week. All of the walls are currently five foot high and it will be completely by the next… Read More

Think you’ve missed the boat on Gap Years? Think again! If you are at university and are looking for something exciting and worthwhile to do during your holidays, or your are a recent graduate resisting the rat race and you fancy doing something more challenging than lazing on a beach with your mates, then venture… Read More

September’s South Africa team did us proud by using their Leap donation to help at-risk children in the townships near to Kwa Madwala. After spending a week teaching at Mjokwane School they felt they wanted to give something extra to the kids, many of whom had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. After interviewing the children… Read More

I’m sorry I havnet been in touch for a while, internet access has been hard to come by! I’ll try and fill you in on what ive been up too since week 2… On Sunday we moved on from the town of Arusha to Lake Manyara, I was quite glad to be heading to new… Read More

Hello Again from sunny Cambodia! Not really sure where to start …. ! It’s all a bit surreal in Phnom Penh, all of a sudden we have been taken out of our comfort zone and routine in Siem Reap and we are in the big city. This week has been a real eye opener and… Read More

We know January’s never the cheeriest month of the year, so how’s this for a silver lining to the snow clouds…If you or a member of your family has previously traveled with the Leap we will give you a not-to-be-scoffed-at £100 discount off your next placement with us. Alternatively, take 2 Leaps back to back… Read More