Ahh exam results day…we at Leap Towers remember it well (don’t scoff, we’re not that old!). The joy, the tears, the sudden reaslisation that those all-night cramming sessions did the trick/were a total waste of time. But above it all, results day means one thing…THE GAP YEAR HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! Wave bye-bye to the studying… Read More

Music festivals are two a penny these days, so adventurous types are starting to cast the net a little wider and get off the beaten track (if you can call the M4 to Reading festival a track!) for their next festival fix. Whether your tastes are for rapid BPM on S.E. Asia’s beaches, chilled world… Read More

From Neil Hargreaves, who went with us to Chongwe in May on a Solo Leap and NEVER CAME BACK! Greetings from Zambia, It’s pod time! The falling of the apple spiral pods (elephant biscuits) from our Winterthorn Grove heralds the beginning of elephant dodging season at Chongwe. Our guests and staff alike are always amazed… Read More

Rafiki Kenia is a grass roots charity that was founded by a Dutch couple Petra and Hans Jongenelis, who first came accross the Makongeni on holiday in September 2003. They were shocked by the poverty they encountered there and decided on the spot to do something to help. The goal of Rafiki Kenia is to… Read More

How often can you say “Tony Blair came for a visit when we were planting ferns on the screen walls of the Sunbear house today”?! Only in Borneo… To find out what the gubbins he was doing in Borneo and the good work done by Sepilok Orangutan Centre click here! Read about Leapers project work… Read More

How can 6 weeks have gone so fast? It seems only yesterday that our first ever Borneo team were setting out on the adventure of a lifetime and now they’re well on their way home having completed their placements in Malaysia…ready to enjoy the rest of the English Summer (!?!). When we left them last… Read More

Believe it or not the Ecuador Summer Team are due fly home today (sob!) so we thought we’d give you all a quick update on what they’ve been up to since leaving the Rainforests of Bua, where they completed construction of a palm leaf roof on the new cultural centre. Click here for more details… Read More

News just in from Louise at Kwa Madwala: Hi Guy and The Leap Crew, One week after our amazing visit to Mozambique and the team have been getting back down to serious stuff as everyone got their thinking/grad caps on for the teaching week. On a rota basis, everyone got the opportunity to enlighten the… Read More

News just in from Diego in Argentina: The Polo team (Matt, Sophie, Grace, Hattie, Jen and Georgie) have had a great first week in the Pampas and have totally settled into life at La Asuncion. They’ve had a couple of polo lessons, some schooling of young horses (planned to develop their riding skills), lessons on… Read More

The Summer Polo team are looking at home in the Pampas already having just spent their first weekend at LA 54, the horse-breeding estancia 2 hours South of Buenos Aires that will be their home for the next 6 weeks. Jen, Grace, Hattie, Matt, Georgie and Soph are the first team of Polo Leapers we’ve… Read More