Gap Year in South Africa….hmmmmm sounds tempting? Ever had an image of yourself looking rather hot and getting down and dirty in Khaki clothes, on safari in search of the big 5?? On a gap year in South Africa you can do just this as we may be just able to make your dreams come… Read More

News just in from Steffie Bartlett, one of our 9 intrepid Ecuador Summer Leapers:- When we arrived in Ecuador we spent our first few days in Quito going to to the old town and the church and just generally doing touristy bits, with a couple of Spanish lessons as well.  In the evenings we had… Read More

It’s been another busy week for the Kenya Team in Makongeni! All 24 of them have been helping to put the finishing touches to a community medical centre, flexing their muscles again (as you can see below!) The Kenya team have also been completing work on the classroom block in Makongeni, painting it a horrible… Read More

Here’s a quick report just in from Duncan- the project leader in Kenya: We started this weeks projects on Monday as usual in Makongeni primary school, work has been a bit different from the previous week we had in Chanukeni orphanage centre because it has involved desk making, teaching and roofing. On the first day,… Read More

Here’s a quick update on the South Africa Summer Team, amazingly now over halfway through their 6 week placement at Kwa Madwala: In the week starting Friday 10th,  more microlighting and ellie safari’s were done for some while others did the Kwa project. Later on that day, some did a successful anti poaching “sweep” while… Read More

Three weeks into their Summer in Cambodia and after well deserved rest, spent exploring the capital Phnom Penh, the team are back to work. For the next three weeks they are assisting a rural community with rice planting, setting up income generating schemes and teaching local tuk tuk drivers to speak English. Here’s some photos… Read More

The team are storming ahead with their bio-gas collector project at Tinangol. The construction of Bio Gas Collectors will pipe the decaying gases off human and animal waste (yum!) into kitchens for cooking or lighting purposes. It will have a massive impact on the Rainforest environment that surrounds the viallage, which was previously being destroyed… Read More

Our three intredpid Summer Leapers- Vivienne, Laura and Maud (fondly referred to here at Leap towers as the Three lovely Musketeers) are doing great work in Cambodia and are unbelieveably over the halfway stage of their Asian adventure already! The girls spent their first three weeks in Siem Reap, building water filters with Trailblazer Foundation,… Read More

News just in from Ecuador… You can breath easy, the Leapers in Ecuador have all survived their first week in the jungle! In fact, we are all doing pretty well copying with all aspects of ´jungle life´, such as bugs and spiders and bathing in the river. We are living at a cultural centre in… Read More

Time seems to have flown by and the Summer team are already at the end of their 2nd week here in Borneo. Chloe, the team’s late arrival has settled in really well thanks in part to an amazing welcome from the community. On the day she arrived, the group at the camp were preparing for… Read More