Hello! Helen here… Right now most of us are in the Camp Kenya’s head office after waking up really early this morning to go watch the AFL match at Ngiri’s. I got a haircut at Sam’s today, well i just wanted him to shave my head but he saw the state my hair was in… Read More

Hola! As you might surmise from the title of this post, I had to say goodbye to the community of Búa today and have just arrived in Quito. We´re staying at a different hostal this time but it´s conveniently located inbetween an internet cafe and El Fuego Discotek. We completed our cabaña two days ago… Read More

News Just in from Mathias, our lovely Leap Leader in Tanzania: The team (Alex, Morgan and Emily- see their smiling faces below!) have now been here for three whole weeks and are doing really well. The past week the girls have been working on the Sunshine Orphanage doing paintings with the kids, playing sports, teaching… Read More

News just in from South Africa Team Leader Louise: After the group did the various township tours last week, they decided unanimously to channel their funds into  a community project at Sivudlindela, purchasing paint and finishing work on the orphanage. The group went to Swaziland and thoroughly enjoyed the cultural show; some of the 6… Read More

News just in from the Team Leader in Kenya: Mwaluganje 2 wonderful weeks have been spent in Mwalughanje elephant sanctuary by a team of leapers. Though to them it seems a short time, they accomplished a lot.  They managed to help Gonzini primary school in clearing and digging to plant aloe vera plants which are… Read More

Hello all, firstly i would like to appologize for the lack of capitals in this post. the computer that i am at in mindo does not seem to understand the advanced concept of proper punctuation. however, i must add that this the only bad news i have to share. We are currently on a weekend… Read More

Hello, This is Helen in Kenya! Right now I am in an internet café, if you can call it that, at the Diani Coast. The beach here is AMAZING, like something out of a movie its so good. We arrived at Makongeni camp yesterday – the mother of all Leap camps. It’s beautiful and there… Read More

Masaai are best know for their bright, colorful and beautiful beadwork, which plays an essential element in the ornamentation of the body. And its not just the beadwork, which makes for such a fantastic and fascingating sense of style. Some of the Masaai people spend hours a day working on ornate hairstyles to go along… Read More

Borneo, one of the largest islands in the world and located in South East Asia, this is a total paradise! With lush rainforests, stunning beaches and hot hot hot sun this place should definitely be on your holiday wish list. A Borneo holiday doesn’t have to just involve lazing on the beach (although drinking cocktails… Read More