Emma Banham has been busily keeping a Travel blog of her Leap volunteering experience in Kenya. Follow the April team’s adventures here… First Few days in Kenya 04.04.2009 36 °C Jambo everyone!! Well here I am in the land of Kenya, it is beautiful and entrancing, and everything I could have wanted when I planned… Read More

When you take The Leap the adventure doesn’t have to end with your organised placement, the majority of our Leapers travel on after their project has finished to take full advantage of their time overseas Adventure travel is possible in all the places The Leap operates and ranges from climbing the world’s highest mountains and… Read More

Hi Guy and Alice, It’s quite late and I can’t get to sleep for thinking about Tanzania. I’m sure everyone gets like this after such an amazing time. So thought while I’m awake I’d message you to let you know about my trip. I have to say its the best thing I’ve ever done in… Read More

Hi Guy, I am now back in England after finishing my travels through South Africa, I had a great time. Thank you very much for the leap placement to Kwa Madwala, I had the best time of my life and definitely have loads of memories that will last me a life time. All the activities… Read More

Hi! I just wanted to say that i never actually thanked you for all your help re Borneo trip! I just had the most wonderful time and have been looking at all the pictures of Borneo and reading the blogs on the websites! I got the letter and The Leap cards and couldn’t believe that… Read More

Hi Guy Things out here are going great!!! The first couple of days at Tinangol were so much fun! We got really involved in the community and it was very emotional to leave there. We completed the brick work of a bio-gas collector for the camp and made bins out of bamboo. I loved the… Read More

Family Mini Leaps leap have evolved by our own basic needs.  As a young company we have young children and a dream to do more with them than the obvious all-inclusive or self-catering in Cornwall. We want a family travel adventure!! With the trappings of modern day it seems more and more difficult to give… Read More

If you are planning your gap year it is important you research the health risks in your chosen destination and prepare your body for travel. Firstly the good news, if you are travelling with The Leap we will give you a full briefing about gap year travel health risks at a training day prior to… Read More

Zanzibarrrrrrrrrrr! On Tuesday 17th I headed to Zanzibar Island with Harry, Sabrina and Georgia (three of the group of volunteers). It’s just off the coast of Tanzania and apparently an absolute paradise on earth so how could we miss out?! When we arrived at the ferry port in Dar we were told our ferry wasn’t… Read More

Family travel doesn’t have to mean dragging the kids to boring Benidorm or another week’s crabbing in Cornwall, there are now a range of holidays offered by the Leap which combine eye opening volunteer projects with some of the worlds most exotic and exciting destinations. Our ‘Mini Leaps’ open up a whole new world of… Read More