Think the Credit Crunch weakened pound an end to overseas adventures? Think again! A recent article in The Times argues that British travellers concerned by the falling value of the pound against the euro should take a South Africa holiday. “Sterling has slipped by 13% against the euro over the past year, making destinations such… Read More

When temperatures soar on the equator, a half hour downpour offers sweet release for sweaty bettys. This January’s Kenya team  made the most of unseasonal ‘tube rains’ by downing tools and having the mother of all mud fights! All blackboard painting and plastering of classroom walls was momentarily stopped while mud was slung across the… Read More

Last week we spent several days at the nearby Don Bosco Orphanage in Dar es Salaam where we repaired all of the windows in the orphanage. Sadly this was needed because as well as general wear and tear, they had also recently been targeted by vandals attempting to steal from the orphanage. Among other things… Read More

The Leap offers the perfect chance to take some much needed time out of the ‘rat race’, enabling you to experience adventure travel, relax, get fit and healthy, enjoy the company of friends and family whilst improving new skills. A career break is also the chance to re-assess your life plan and goals, possibly leading… Read More

We spent the first three days of the week at the Village Museum in the centre of Dar Es Salaam. Here there is a traditional house of each of Tanzania’s tribes and information about the region that they live in and their way of life. We had time on Monday morning to explore, I spent… Read More

Why not raise some money for a placement with us by spending a season skiing or snowboarding. Many of our volunteers who depart with us in April come to us having completed a ski season. It’s a fantastic chance to learn or improve your skiing or snow boarding skills whilst earning money from working in… Read More

For anyone thinking of taking a gap year, whether you’re travelling with The Leap or heading off to backpack, it is absolutely vital that you have sufficient gap year travel insurance for your entire time abroad, which covers you for all the activities you might take part in during your gap year volunteer work and… Read More

Our website has details on our UK Staff and overseas Project Hosts. We are also friends with the following organisations: Training – Gap Year Safety We have worked closely with John Cummings, who runs Safetrek, for many years. He designs gap year safety courses and helps us run our gap year safety courses in the… Read More

Quite the opposite, turn it to your advantage…take your skills abroad to work, volunteer and play!  Coming home with a colourful and competitive CV having polished up your life skills whist having an adventure of a lifetime.  Gap jobs can help with the money earning side of things and we’re here to help you make… Read More

Hola! Just wanted to let you all know what a fantastic time was had in Argentina when I went to visit the Leap team last week at the polo Estancia where they are spending the next 6-10 weeks. The girls were on top form as we learnt the ropes at the polo stables, practiced our… Read More