Are you sat at work reading this right now and hoping for a miracle?? We can save you and get you on a plane out of here pronto!! Gap Years For Adults-they do exist….there is a god after all!! Whether it’s Africa, Asia or Latin America you fancy we have the perfect travel and volunteer… Read More

The Kenya Team’s week at Chanukeni child centre has been a big success with the new classroom and kitchen starting to take shape. Everyone’s been getting involved (and sweaty!), clearing the bushy building site and starting to construct with local coral stone and cement when the sun shines….mudfighting when it’s not : ) The new… Read More

Nestled in the balmy South China Sea, Borneo’s waters are brimming with marine life, making it one of the world’s best sites for Scuba diving. For Borneo Leapers, part of their 10 weeks are spent camping on Mantanani Island, a 2-hour boat ride out into the South China Sea. Volunteers assist the local Muslim community… Read More

Our 24 intrepid Summer Leapers have just come back from Mwalganje elephant sanctuary having spent 2 weeks working with rangers and assisting the community with tree planting and elephant conservation initiatives (including making paper from elephant dung- lovely!). They’re now settling into life at the coast in Makongeni and making a start on community projects… Read More

NEWS JUST IN! We have been in close contact daily with our Camp Manager Zul since leaving Suzie and 8 other gappers staying up at Camp Tinangol a couple of days ago. They have been kept busy going to the handicraft centre learning how to make beads on Monday, then they helped paint a pre-school… Read More

Our project leader in Rory is here to tell you why a Leap placement in Borneo is your ticket to responsible travel in Asia: How did this project evolve? What preliminary research have you carried out in the area you have set the project up in? All our projects are run in partnership with a… Read More

EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT !!! We have just discovered (having heard the ominous sound of helicopters overhead!) that there is GAME CAPTURE going on at the moment in a neighbouring reserve. Cue a change of schedule! Rearrange lunch, organize transport and the lucky July Leapers will have the unique opportunity to be involved… Read More

After the July team’s expression of absolute bewilderment and delight in the new environment, everyone has settled in very well. Thursday was unpack and relax day and on Friday, after the paperwork, debriefing, goal setting and first aid chats, everyone was taken on an orientation and sunset safari.  They returned to a blazing fire, dinner… Read More

Interested in playing football on your Gap Year? We don’t blame you and you really don’t need to sign up for an intense sports placement to get a bit of footy in during your gap year. Lets face it this game is a universal language and getting out a football and having a kick about… Read More

This report just in from Louise, the South Africa Leap project leader… The orphanage Outreach programme which was launched by the April Leap team is doing fantastically well and being added to in phases by Leap teams throughout 2009/10. No sooner had the cement floor dried in phase one than the local school moved in… Read More