Borneo, one of the largest islands in the world and located in South East Asia, this is a total paradise! With lush rainforests, stunning beaches and hot hot hot sun this place should definitely be on your holiday wish list. A Borneo holiday doesn’t have to just involve lazing on the beach (although drinking cocktails… Read More

Hola todos, It´s been a while since my last update, and I know you all must be biting your nails to hear about the first week of my Ecuador journey! Well, I´m having the time of my life. I´ve meet dozens of amazing, inspiring, and genuine people. I´ve been out late singing “Living La Vida… Read More

Jambo from Mulwaganje! The Kenya team have now been in the Elephant sanctuary for almost a week (!) working working at the school tree nursery where thy have planted 100 aloe veras and done some much needed cleaning up. They have also helped put up two netball posts and levelled the ground. This will be… Read More

Hello from Louise and the team in SUNNY Kwa Madwala! Anyway, here goes : The September South Africa team have now been at Kwa for a whole week and have taken to their new environment like ducks (swimming and all!). Everyone is very happy with the accommodation and have settled into their rooms like they’ve… Read More

News just in from our volunteer coordinator in Kenya, Dipesh: Our 8 intrepid Leapers (Jenny, Amy, Dan, Steph, Jack, Matt, Helen and James) have arrived safely in Kenya and settled in well. They are in good hands with our Camp Manager Stephen at Mwaluganje (he is also a qualified tour guide and one of the… Read More

My flight went safe and sound and I got inat about 11pm. After a rousing wait in coustoms we boarded a little mini-bus and headed off to the hostel. We spent the night,and slept like babies (especially those of us from the UK who had been up for 24 hours). We got up this morning… Read More

Leaving in four days. It’s finally sunk in that I have to get packing. Some highlights from the “kit list” include: 10 pairs underwear, 1 woolen hat, rucksack of 65-75 liters, mosquito net, knife, malaria pills. I’m pretty sure I have everything I’ll be needing. However, in the next couple of days I’ll probably find… Read More

If you’ve been keeping a beady eye on the press you’ll have noticed The Leap popping up quite a lot recently, with a spate of newspaper articles, radio interviews and name drops! A couple of weeks ago Alice Baines, who works in the office was interviewed on BBC local radio along with Bernie Dale who… Read More

Well, the first posting may not be too exciting, but here we go. I’m sitting in my room, in sunny Portland, Oregon, listening to some Flaming Lips, and waiting. I leave bright and early on September 2nd at 8:50am. (T-minus 6 days, 16 hours, 46 minutes…) I’ll fly into Houston, meet up with several other… Read More

A-level results yesterday, it feels like only yesterday we at The Leap were also stood in line at college waiting very nervously to get our results!! And this is why we know all too well that its not always a picnic. You might not have felt much like celebrating yesterday whilst trawling through UCAS Clearance… Read More