Over the past few years we’ve watched, from the comfort of our office swivel chairs as countless intrepid Leapers choose to venture on (and upwards!) to tackle the ultimate challenge. For anyone taking a gap year in East Africa chance to scale the heady heights of either Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro, both the biggest Mountains… Read More

Scams, swindles, skullduggery…call it what you like. Over the years we have watched the number of money saving gap year “solutions” shoot through the roof…advertised beautifully via the web – discounted prices, only pay finders fees, no hidden costs… we’ve all come across them and may even have fallen into the cost saving trap…but inevitably… Read More

What makes Costa Rica a HOT HOT HOT destination for Gap years? Let The Leap list the ways… 1. Culture Costa Ricans, also knows as ‘Ticos’ are notoriously warm and welcoming people and make the country a fantastic destination for gap years. Whether it’s coaxing unsuspecting Leapers out of their seats for a bout of… Read More

17.04.2009 28 °C So much has happened this week I brought my diary with me so that I don’t forget anything… Really sorry if this is ridiculously long but I am finally on a free computer so I’m making the most of it! Lat weekend we went snorkelling and I semi-conquered my fear of deep… Read More

Congratulations to the South Africa teams who have done us proud with their Herculean building efforts over the past few months. Since September 2009 you Leapers have been splashed across local newspapers not once, but TWICE – showing the amount of local support and interest in the work of our volunteers. Keep up the good… Read More

…After 3 amazing weeks living at high altitude in the Andes the Ecuador Team have headed West to the Pacific Coast to start their beach phase… I am not sure who was more nervous – us or the community of Estero de Plátano. It was the first time that they had had a Leap group… Read More

Emma Banham has been busily keeping a Travel blog of her Leap volunteering experience in Kenya. Follow the April team’s adventures here… First Few days in Kenya 04.04.2009 36 °C Jambo everyone!! Well here I am in the land of Kenya, it is beautiful and entrancing, and everything I could have wanted when I planned… Read More

When you take The Leap the adventure doesn’t have to end with your organised placement, the majority of our Leapers travel on after their project has finished to take full advantage of their time overseas Adventure travel is possible in all the places The Leap operates and ranges from climbing the world’s highest mountains and… Read More

Hi Guy and Alice, It’s quite late and I can’t get to sleep for thinking about Tanzania. I’m sure everyone gets like this after such an amazing time. So thought while I’m awake I’d message you to let you know about my trip. I have to say its the best thing I’ve ever done in… Read More

Hi Guy, I am now back in England after finishing my travels through South Africa, I had a great time. Thank you very much for the leap placement to Kwa Madwala, I had the best time of my life and definitely have loads of memories that will last me a life time. All the activities… Read More