Leaving in four days. It’s finally sunk in that I have to get packing. Some highlights from the “kit list” include: 10 pairs underwear, 1 woolen hat, rucksack of 65-75 liters, mosquito net, knife, malaria pills. I’m pretty sure I have everything I’ll be needing. However, in the next couple of days I’ll probably find… Read More

If you’ve been keeping a beady eye on the press you’ll have noticed The Leap popping up quite a lot recently, with a spate of newspaper articles, radio interviews and name drops! A couple of weeks ago Alice Baines, who works in the office was interviewed on BBC local radio along with Bernie Dale who… Read More

Well, the first posting may not be too exciting, but here we go. I’m sitting in my room, in sunny Portland, Oregon, listening to some Flaming Lips, and waiting. I leave bright and early on September 2nd at 8:50am. (T-minus 6 days, 16 hours, 46 minutes…) I’ll fly into Houston, meet up with several other… Read More

A-level results yesterday, it feels like only yesterday we at The Leap were also stood in line at college waiting very nervously to get our results!! And this is why we know all too well that its not always a picnic. You might not have felt much like celebrating yesterday whilst trawling through UCAS Clearance… Read More

This summer our South Africa team was booming, with 21 volunteer on the team it was bound to be a sizzling summer overseas! Headed for Kwa Madwala (a Private Game Reserve in one of the top safari locations in the world don’t ya know), the group could have not hoped for more unrivalled animals viewings… Read More

Ahh exam results day…we at Leap Towers remember it well (don’t scoff, we’re not that old!). The joy, the tears, the sudden reaslisation that those all-night cramming sessions did the trick/were a total waste of time. But above it all, results day means one thing…THE GAP YEAR HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED! Wave bye-bye to the studying… Read More

Music festivals are two a penny these days, so adventurous types are starting to cast the net a little wider and get off the beaten track (if you can call the M4 to Reading festival a track!) for their next festival fix. Whether your tastes are for rapid BPM on S.E. Asia’s beaches, chilled world… Read More

From Neil Hargreaves, who went with us to Chongwe in May on a Solo Leap and NEVER CAME BACK! Greetings from Zambia, It’s pod time! The falling of the apple spiral pods (elephant biscuits) from our Winterthorn Grove heralds the beginning of elephant dodging season at Chongwe. Our guests and staff alike are always amazed… Read More

Rafiki Kenia is a grass roots charity that was founded by a Dutch couple Petra and Hans Jongenelis, who first came accross the Makongeni on holiday in September 2003. They were shocked by the poverty they encountered there and decided on the spot to do something to help. The goal of Rafiki Kenia is to… Read More

How often can you say “Tony Blair came for a visit when we were planting ferns on the screen walls of the Sunbear house today”?! Only in Borneo… To find out what the gubbins he was doing in Borneo and the good work done by Sepilok Orangutan Centre click here! Read about Leapers project work… Read More