This report just in from Louise, the South Africa Leap project leader… The orphanage Outreach programme which was launched by the April Leap team is doing fantastically well and being added to in phases by Leap teams throughout 2009/10. No sooner had the cement floor dried in phase one than the local school moved in… Read More

Venezuela offers Leapers one of the most incredible beach experiences with it’s Caribbean seas, pristine sands and plethora of beach activities from scuba to volleyball and kayaking. Volunteers here spend more time on the beach than any other Leap placement, with  the first 5 weeks working on two volunteer projects – renovating a famous palm-fringed… Read More

11.06.2009 29 °C Jambo everyone! Right, a lot has happened since I last wote, but I don’t have my diary so worry if I forget bits! Right now I am in Mombasa, we are all doing a bit of travelling for our last full week before everyone goes home, I have 2 months of travelling… Read More

02.06.2009 27 °C Hi everyone!! We had such a long journey to get here, the sanctuary is off the main road between Nairobi and Mombassa, took about 5 hours I think, but it was all a bit of a blur if I’m honest! We stopped off at a HUGE supermarket in Mombasa and went wild… Read More

21.05.2009 32 °C Ok yes, so I keep saying that this is the last time I can write a blog for ages, and then I reappear again, so I’m sorry but I will try to stay away now! We are all making the most of our last day at the beach for a while, so… Read More

A firm favourite here at Leap towers, the Indian Ocean Coast in Kenya arugably offers the best beaches in Africa. Most of Kenya beaches have an offshore coral reef protects the pristine, wide- white beaches and makes for excellent snorkelling. Kenya beaches are home to kite-surfer and dolphin (and even the odd whale) alike, Diani… Read More

Summer is now in full flow and we at Leap Towers (not helped by Leaper’s photos popping up on facebook!) are getting FULL-ON BEACH ENVY.  Over half Leap volunteer placements in Africa, Asia and South America are based on or near incredible tropical beaches, where Leapers can spend their sun-soaked weekends relaxing,  partying or even… Read More

Skiing or snowboarding in your gap year is a fantastic opportunity to do much much more than your typical weeks holiday. This is the perfect opportunity to spend 4-5 months skiing or snow boarding in your gap year every day. Imagine how good you will be after that! And what powder you will have mastered!… Read More

Gap Year travellers to Brazil can do no better than starting in Rio – what an amazingly vibrant city (samba, music, football, carnival and beach culture), incredible people, it is an assault on the senses with ultra modern juxtaposed against great poverty. If you’re a gap year traveller you will have so many choices –… Read More