Hola Leapers! I hope you’re all having a fantastic time in South America. Leave your photos and anecdotes here for all to see- whether it’s ‘hairy’ bus journeys or encounters with ‘hairy’ creepy crawlies we want to read about it. Ciao for now! The Leap team.… Read More

Namaste Leapers! We hope you’re enjoying your Asian odyessy so far. It’d be great to hear your tales of life at high altitude, here’s the place to tell us all about it. The Leap Team.… Read More

I cannot believe it’s 2007 already! I’ve been in Botswana for 3 months now; it’s almost time to move on… At the beginning of December, I finally went to the Okavango delta (THE Botswana tourist attraction) for 2 days. It was worth; it’s breath taking, so beautiful… very green, water and birds everywhere, elephants, etc…… Read More

I’ve got some more exciting lions stories!!! I accompanied 2 clients to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve again last week (to help with the cooking). It was an amazing trip; we saw a lot: lots of Oryx, Wildebeest, springboks, steenboks, 8 cheetahs (yes, 8!!!!) and 7 lions. We found our first 2 male lions during… Read More

Hello Again! I told you the time flies out here; it’s been almost 1 month since my last entry! Bad bad Christelle! I got my visa extension without any problem and I even got an extra 10 days. I can now stay in Botswana until the 10th of January which is cool because I can… Read More

Hello! I started working at the school this week. What an African eye-opener! Things move so slowly here- nothing goes fast, except time; the days seem to fly away… And nothing ever, ever goes according to plan. The 1st time I went to school to start the computer, it went down after 10 minutes. The… Read More

I believe that at the time of my last installment we were set to depart for our evening of election-related celebrations in Tena. A very bizarre experience indeed. By the time we arrived, the fiesta was already well under way… all the town was gathered in the spectator stands of the sizable basketball court in… Read More

Where to begin? It’s been another week of sweaty tribal hecticness, fiestas and muchos bonding with our honorary indigenous extended family! Work this week has entailed yet more leaf collecting, which is far from the megre activity that it sounds, as it involves splitting and hauling tarantula-ridden palm leaves, which are equal to myself in… Read More

Wednesday October 5th, after 22 hours, some little ‘detours’ by London and Jo’burg I finally arrived in sunny Botswana. Oh, and by some miracle, my bags arrived at the same time as me! After a short drive (1.5 hours! Everything is relative isn’t it?), I arrived at the safari camp, Meno a Kwena, my home… Read More

The place we’re staying in for the next two weeks (Chichico Rumi) is possibly the coolest place imaginable. The Rainforest is picture postcard beautiful and we’re still half expecting to bump into David Attenborough or Michael Palin and their accompanying film crew at some point! We’ve been temporarily adopted by the most welcoming indigenous family… Read More