If you are graduating this summer then understandably you are going to be concerned about getting a job. In these extraordinarily harsh economic conditions competition for jobs is going to be intense, even for unpaid ‘internships’ – a valuable chance to gain practical work experience. It is ‘chicken and the egg’; employers want people with… Read More

So we arrived in Dar es Salaam very tired after a 12 hour journey (and some very sore bums from all the bumps in the road!). On Monday we had an orientation of the city with Mathias, it’s the biggest place that we have been to by far in Tanzania so is going to take… Read More

Intrepid explorers who have just finished our Tanzania placement and their 6 weeks around Arusha in Northern Tanzania have recently reached the summit of Africa’s highest mountain. For those that haven’t done this -those that get to watch the sunrise from the peak (having slogged up to the top in the dark) will never forget… Read More

We keep busy and are the envy of our friends as we escape a snow bound and gloomy UK to visit our leaper, project hosts and to meet our friends in all the comunities we support. Kay has recently been to Kenya where she stayed in Diani and was involved in a  huge mud fight… Read More

News from the jungle in Ecuador They spent last night and today in Cayambe for some good food and home comforts. Apart from that, all in Fran´s group is going well – they had their party with the community members on Friday night and really enjoyed that, and the group is bonding really well. Some… Read More

This past week we have been helping to construct a list of the local birds for tourist groups. It was really interesting to get out in to the forest and see beautiful parrots and toucans! We are not too disappointed about not working in the school as we get to see the children in the… Read More

Alice, Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciate all your efforts to rectify the honestly, small inconveniences that inevitably spout when traveling. I mainly wanted to share with you, what an incredible experience we are all having. Though I am speaking on behalf of the others, we all talk a lot about… Read More

On Monday, we took them to visit the project site including the pagoda, the village around the pagoda and the Don Bosco. The monk at the pagoda had already informed them that we would have the kids in class on Wednesday as Tuesday was still the Chinese New Year and some of the kids went… Read More

I just got back from Chilcapabamba (the new Andes community) today and I think it´s gonna be a real success. The accommodation is great – in a community tourism centre – and there are a few interesting projects that they are looking to carry out. I will fill in the Ecuador Long info Sheet updating… Read More