Update number two for you lucky people with access to hot water. We said goodbye to Quito last Friday and travelled up north to Otavalo. For the last week we have been staying with the indigenous people of the Agato community. A few of the families have taken us into their homes so we really… Read More

Week two has already came and gone and I can’t believe how fast everything is going. It still feels like we just got here.   Our Spanish classes continued this week and we are adapting to our surroundings. I have finally accepted the fact that because of the extreme humidity, my towel will never be… Read More

So we survived the week, we also managed to speak some Spanish and we are yet to get lost. What can I say, it’s a week of successes.  On Tuesday we took a bus tour around Quito which gave us fantastic views of the city. Ecuador is an odd combination of modern and old, run… Read More

Hey guys! Costa Rica has treated us very well for our first week. Jakera has been a great place for us to stay and we’re really liking the food. There’s still a couple of things that we are getting use to. Such as the rainy days, the dreaded walk from our hostels to town, how… Read More

Hello all fellow and future Leapers! My name is Caroline Kenney, I am 24 years old, and I will be keeping you updated on all things Cuba the next 6 weeks.      To start off, I just wanted to answer a few basic questions some of you may have for me. The most important question you… Read More

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Dinovo and I am super excited to be blogging on behalf of everyone headed to Costa Rica for 10 weeks. I am 18 years old and just graduated from high school (12th grade) this pass May. My decision to take a gap year before I head off to college… Read More

Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m psyched to be blogging for a small group of us intrepid explorers as we head out to Ecuador. Well, I say intrepid but I for one am terrified and, with only a few days to go before we leave, I’m pretty sure my team mates will be too.… Read More

Hola, This will be my last blog post on behalf of the group as the final members returned home last Sunday. Since I last updated you – during our last few days we continued with the volunteering at the children’s centre; hosting another cooking activity, leading English lessons and putting on a sports day during… Read More

Waterfalls. Peacocks. Country hopping, Canyons. All in seven days! I’m currently back home in England snuggled up on my sofa, listening to the rain outside reminiscing about our last week in South Africa and appreciating just how much we managed to fit in.   Our first trip of the week was around the Panorama, a… Read More

  We made it to the Amazon after a long and windy road trip. On the way, we were fortunate to have stopped at a bakery to somewhat satisfy our appetites.   We journeyed across a small river via ferry boat, which was exciting. Shortly after reaching land, we arrived at the Gaia Lodge, which… Read More