It is now the end of our last full week in Cambodia (cry) and with only 4 days left to go the squad is starting to feel a little sad to say the least about leaving this country. This week we’ve been staying in Sihanoukville, working at Surata public school. Our task for the week… Read More

Well on Monday, we had volunteering as usual which was just doing touch ups to signs and then we had our Spanish lessons. In the evening me and my friend Katie decided to do horse riding. It was for 2 hours and we went up in to the mountains and then on to the beach.… Read More

We’ve found paradise. Genuine paradise. Glorious beaches with the bluest, most crystal clear sea that I’ve ever seen; filled with the friendliest animals such as sea lions, fish and of course the infamous green sea turtles. We’ve been staying at the Hacienda Tranquila, which is in a beautiful spot with giant tortoises that we’ve been… Read More

Last week was spent finishing the floor at Moshono primary before heading off to Emaoi School, a co Ed government run school, on Tuesday. We split into groups, some of us testing our art skills creating teaching aids whilst the others began on sanding and painting a classroom. On Wednesday we moved onto pulling up… Read More

We said goodbye to Siem Reap, our home for the last 5 weeks early Saturday morning and began the 12 hour journey to Mondulkiri on a public bus, with lots of locals joining us for parts of our journey. The difference between Siem Reap and the rest of Cambodia is huge. All we saw on… Read More

Last weekend some of the team chose to go on safari… We were picked up from our lodge at Lake Manyara by Safari HQ (the company the business interns have been working with). First we went to the Tarangire National Park, which is the home of thousands of African elephants among other animals. This was… Read More

Our last week in Siem Reap has gone VERY quickly as expected. On Monday we all finished off the final bit of our loo; it was really satisfying to see the finished product and to see how happy it made the families we had built it for. Our loo was officially opened by the cutting… Read More