Last week we returned to having Spanish class again every morning and volunteering in the afternoon. Which meant more beach cleans ups and helping build the green house. On Wednesday morning Michael, Connor, Coco, Henry, myself and few others not in the leap program went on a little fishing trip. Four total fish were caught.… Read More

Tsachila Community:    The Tsachilas, recognizable by their red-dyed hair, live separated, agrarian lives. There is no main Tsachila villiage; the families who are part of the Tsachila community live on their own farms, separated by the jungle from other community members. Therefore, even though the Tsachila “villiage” we stayed at, Búa, was the largest… Read More

Amigos y familia! This concludes our second week here in La Habana Vieja and I think I can speak for all of us in saying, we have had an absolute blast. We have all learned a significant amount  more Spanish from our Spanish lessons, have explored our stomping ground here in Havana quite thoroughly, and… Read More

Week Three Early Sunday morning a large group of us got up early to see if they could spot a leopard on the bait. Two minutes in leopards were sighted by Dr Dre and we all locked on to them through the binoculars (except Max who was busy dreaming about Leopards), an amazing moment as… Read More

Hola amigos y familia! We have nearly finished our first week in Cuba and can officially say, we have been here longer than the short 48 hours previously experienced. The first week has mostly been about experiencing all “La Habana Vieja” has to offer. This includes, but is not limited to, touring the city and… Read More

The helping of the sea turtles continued again this week. As I had stated before, it is currently high season for the turtles, which meant more and more nests were hatching every night. Turtle season also means it’s the rainy season, that made some late night shifts more difficult than others.   Over at ASVO… Read More

Between learning Spanish, volunteering, helping out turtles, finding new places to eat and spending our free time laying on the beach or surfing, I can tell you that we are all enjoying the Pura Vida lifestyle. I recently broke my phone and had to get it fixed. So I’m going to catch you up on… Read More

Week one of our Namibian adventure, and it’s fair to say we were thrown into it at the deep end.   After our twelve-hour flight, four miss-placed bags in Johannesburg, three of which were found when the rest of us arrived in Upington, a short stop at the Guest House to get the rest of… Read More

“Did you see the little dead bodies?” That is what Lilly asked me Thursday night.  Okay, relax, it’s not what you think. We had a farewell party before we left Agato and the families cooked us their local delicacy – guinea pigs. So, when Lilly inquired about the little dead bodies she was only referring… Read More