Elementary school–> Middle school–> High school–> University. That’s the nonstop path a “normal” student in America follows. That’s the path I always assumed I would follow. I never once questioned it or thought to go against society’s strong pressure to comply. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would delay university for a… Read More

Hello, my name is Irene and I will be participating in The LEAP Madagascar program for 10 weeks in spring of 2017. Deciding to take a gap year was a hard decision for me. Ultimately it came down to not only what I can experience, but also the personal growth that this adventure can bring… Read More

With the arrival of both Sophie and myself on Friday evening we were very happy to see just how nice the campsite looked, little did we know this was not going to last. On the first day the group went bouldering followed by an arts and crafts session with Tash in which we all made our own books (some… Read More

We’ve had a fantastic couple of days after a very long flight from Heathrow, where we met up with some of our fellow travellers, Jenny, Sophie, Tilly, Ryan, Ollie and Emily. We landed in Quito about 10am local time where we were greeted by other members of the team, Elena and Lea who had travelled… Read More

2 floors, a painted school and a hospital visit later, week two has officially come to a close. The tans that we all got on week one, have gone due to the torrential rain, however this week has never the less been full of laughs and memories. The rooster and Muslim call of prayer seem… Read More

Can’t believe that we will be back home soon. We’re all really excited to be going back home, although in some respects I don’t understand why as we’re going to freeze. So if anyone reading this is picking up one of our troublesome lot please make sure your car is nice and toasty for us… Read More

What would a trip to Costa Rica be without a new animal or insect around every corner? Although we don’t have to worry about a toucan landing on our shoulder or tripping over sloths and monkeys, there’s still been a huge, amazing variety of wildlife seen here. In Matapalo, there were 7 beloved dogs that… Read More

  After arriving in the late afternoon on Monday from our weekend of island hopping, The Leapers were ready get back to work. But no before we celebrated Pepe´s birthday party! Pepe works at the hacienda and has been helping and directing us for the past week. We signed an ´I love boobies!´ shirt (blue-footed… Read More

Sadly on on Friday morning the 9 of us who left on the catamaran last Tuesday had to say goodbye to the beautiful boat that we had called home. The past 2 weeks have honestly been probably the best 2 weeks of my life. We all left Tuesday and were a bit hesitant to leave… Read More

Hola to everyone at home, This is sadly my last blog from Ecuador as today I am making my way back home on a 26 hour journey, currently finding myself waiting in Jorge Chavez airport, Lima, enduring a 9 hour wait. Our last week in Ecuador has been very relaxing and has given us an… Read More