After arriving in Quito and attempting to acclimatise to the altitude for a couple of days the two groups went their separate ways off and into Ecuadorean wilderness. Group B have headed off and up to the Andes to the chilcabamba community in search of even less oxygen. Having been told methods to aid the… Read More

Buenas tardes! Our adventure week was kicked off with a two-hour bus ride from our beloved hostel in Quito to Quilotoa. Once we had marveled at how cold it was compared to Quito and lost our minds at how comfy the beds were, we got ready for our first “adventure”; hiking down a crater to… Read More

The first week of volunteering was hard work and my hands needed a rest so that my blisters had a chance to heal. We started out by digging holes to make way for piping for transporting water. Once the pipes were put down, it was time to fill up the holes again. It doesn’t sound… Read More

Hello, all! So – our program itinerary dubbed this week as our ‘Adventure Week’, and that’s exactly what we have experienced over the last couple of days. Brace yourselves for this report on Group B’s latest endeavors in Baños de Agua Santos – the ‘Adventure Capital’ of Ecuador.  With a few days to spare in Quito… Read More

The Cotopaxi Volcano is the third highest active volcano in the world, with a rate of just 46% of daredevil climbers successfully summiting the 5,897 m beast. Group B is proud to announce the conquer of this monstrous mountain by three of its very own – Leigh Moriarty, Evan James and Freddie Olsen describe the… Read More

So Mindo Cloud Forest is my new favourite place in the world. The views on the drive down were just indescribable! For a geography-nerd/eco-warrior/cloud-fanatic like myself, our Bio Hostel with views of the clouds rolling over the mountains was just heaven. Sally and I both agreed we could live here. Good luck getting us back… Read More

So after a long week of trench digging, seedpod picking, crop planting, and child entertaining, we were ready for a weekend of retail therapy and sightseeing. It was Oli’s birthday on Saturday so we started the day off right with cake and sweets for breakfast – we’re treating him well Mr and Mrs Brench! Then… Read More

Greetings, Leap followers – Group B reporting from the small community of Chilcapamba out here in the Ecuadorian Andes, where the eleven of us ‘Leapers’ have spent the past week digging large holes and practicing tongue rolls! After our first day of touring around Quito open-bus style, we experienced our very first celebration of ‘Viernes Santo’,… Read More

        On our return from the jungle we had a short stop over in Quito, where we all got our clothes washed. We also got to meet the new member of our team, Charlotte, who we quickly got to know and like, especially as she brought Cadburys dairy milk with her! In… Read More

The second week in Ecuador has been steady yet diverse. During the week we continued to work in the fields, guided by the maestro, Ernesto. Our host, Alfonso, decided that we should install an irrigation system in the small field that we had tilled and planted the week before, and this was to be the… Read More