Hi everyone! We’re into week 5 of our Tanzania adventure now! This week we’ve been back in our main base, Arusha, but have been working at a different place every few days. We started off the week at government school where we were faced with the challenging task of refurbishing a classroom so that a… Read More

Hi everyone! Week three here in Arusha has come to an end, with lots of work to finish up at the school we’ve been working at, Bluebell, we are all pretty tired! But feeling very accomplished. This week has been our final week working at Bluebell, which was pretty sad, as we all felt a… Read More

We’ve now completed not only our second project but a quarter of our time here in Tanzania! We were at a secondary school this week building the foundations for a kitchen. This involved digging a rectangular ditch, filling it with rocks we collected from the sides of roads (a bizarre experience!) and preparing our own… Read More

Hello everyone from Tanzania! It still feels slightly surreal even writing that, but we’re all gradually adjusting to the fact we’re actually here. There are so many cultural differences we’ve noticed already, like the general laid-back attitude and slower pace of life, but it’s definitely necessary due to the heat that none of us could… Read More