Hey guys! I’m writing to you from Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where the Leapers have spent no more than a week working at a school and exploring the exotic beaches that the province has to offer! Sihanoukville certainly felt different to the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap. The region was a strange mishmash of city, countryside… Read More

Hi there! We’ve all had another incredible week at camp but we’re finding it very strange that we only have one more week here before we head off on the boat trip. This week Pete and Will switched to forest,  and Ed and Alex did some diving. There was the ‘church walk’ where you stay… Read More

It’s our last week together as a Leap team, and we’re busier than ever! This week, we’ve been at Parque Ecopaz, which is a public park and reforestation project. Our first day, we learned a lot about the park. Their goal is to provide a safe place for kids and their families to play, exercise,… Read More

What would a trip to Costa Rica be without a new animal or insect around every corner? Although we don’t have to worry about a toucan landing on our shoulder or tripping over sloths and monkeys, there’s still been a huge, amazing variety of wildlife seen here. In Matapalo, there were 7 beloved dogs that… Read More

  After arriving in the late afternoon on Monday from our weekend of island hopping, The Leapers were ready get back to work. But no before we celebrated Pepe´s birthday party! Pepe works at the hacienda and has been helping and directing us for the past week. We signed an ´I love boobies!´ shirt (blue-footed… Read More

Hola to everyone at home, This is sadly my last blog from Ecuador as today I am making my way back home on a 26 hour journey, currently finding myself waiting in Jorge Chavez airport, Lima, enduring a 9 hour wait. Our last week in Ecuador has been very relaxing and has given us an… Read More

I’m writing this exhilarating Costa Rican blog entry whilst perched on top of an aged, wooden vantage point, raised above rows and rows of invaluable turtle nests. It’s 2am, and Sophia and I are Turtle babysitting. This consists of keeping check on the turtle nests – ensuring the nests behave themselves and do not become… Read More

Dear All Mozambique, what an adventure! A very early start on Thursday morning, we piled into a minibus with our food supplies ready for the journey ahead. It was a rather long, cramped and sweaty journey to the ferry in which Jules was certain that her ‘human rights were being breached’; there is nothing like… Read More

The work in the Hacienda this week has been far more chilled than our strong effort the week before. After 5 weeks of immersing ourselves in agricultural tasks it is safe to say that we have all become fairly pro at weeding, wielding machetes, planting shrubberies and picking coffee/bananas. Skills that we can’t wait to… Read More