After spending a few days in Kuching we’ve been able to explore further. To start of our few days we visited the cultural village of Mentu in Sarawak. Luckily the sun was shining for us so we were able to walk around at our leisure. We were introduced to several tribes and sub tribes, the… Read More

Hey there, I’m Ellie; a 22-year-old music lover from North Yorkshire, I like to think I’m a people person and a team player! Studying at University while working part-time has given me the confidence to get stuck into challenges that I am faced with. I have saved since being a student, which as you may… Read More

After making so many friends in the jungle camp we were sad to leave. However as soon as we got to the seaside we got over this as we saw how beautiful the new place we’d be staying was! Our longhouse was on the beach and we were just a stone’s throw away from sand,… Read More

We have just escaped eight days in the jungle! The adventure began in the jungle camp where we stayed in tents and learnt how to survive in the rainforest. This was only about a forty minute hike away from the village but it was our first taste of what it’s like to stay in the… Read More

For the past week we have been volunteering at a school in a village named Kalabakan. The school was set up by Borneo Child Aid for children that are not entitled to state education because they are not originally Malay. It’s sad that these children can’t go to the large, modern primary school provided by… Read More

It’s been almost two weeks and we’ve already had the most amazing experiences! Our trip began in the city we flew into, Kuching, where we stayed in a local hostel and got to know our surroundings. It didn’t feel real that we were finally in Borneo, the other side of the world! We spent a… Read More

Hey, I’m Chloe and I’m going to be blogging my time in Borneo and The Philippines! I’m so excited as it’s just days from departure, yet it still doesn’t feel real and like we are actually about to leave for our gap year, that I have been thinking and dreaming about for so long. Eliza,… Read More

Our final week! Cannot believe that 6 amazing weeks have passed and soon each and every one of us in the team would go out own way. Before the sentimental mush starts, we still have one last community project left to do in Mantanani! So after spending the night in KK (we flew in from… Read More