Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog on Cambodia. Our last week in Siem Reap was an absolute blast and I’m so excited to tell you all about it!    Both of the groups have finished their projects: two new toilets have been built for some of the poorest families in the region. The moment… Read More

Hello! Week three started off with a change of location. We moved to Lake Manyara where we stayed in tents then, later in the week, we were upgraded to huts (finally a warm shower!). The camp was lovely with a campfire where we met new people every night, a bar and we were able to… Read More

Hey guys! Thanks for checking back in on what the Leapers are up to in Siem Reap, Cambodia! It has been an eventful week and i am excited to tell you all about it.    The toilet-building project is coming along LEAPs and bounds! We’ve built the infrastructure of the toilet and now we are… Read More

Hi Michaela, Second week’s blog here. It starts with a familiar sounding joke: what do you get when you cross a group of nine enthused young volunteers with a market stall selling zany scrunchies at 2000 riel a pop? Not, as you might anticipate, the central concept for a hit 80s sitcom with a cult… Read More

Mambo everyone! We’re near the end of what have been our two most knackering weeks in Tanzania yet! After arriving in Dar on Sunday night we set out on Monday to go to our placement for the next week and a half, the Tegeta A school, which has 1300 children to teach and only 5… Read More

The Killing Fields and Mondulkuri Upon arrival in Phnom Penh, after a very long and bumpy 6 hour journey from Siem Reap, we checked into our Mad Monkey Hostel, however there was no madness that evening as everyone was shattered and ready for sleep in the beautifully air conditioned rooms! For the next day we… Read More

  T.I.A One week in and we are now settling into the African ways of life. Freezing cold showers: 8, car breakdowns: 2, dormitory buildings in process: 1, Screams ( resulting from bugs, lizards, cold showers… main culprit is miss Katie and lucia…too many to count). After Izzi and Charlie missed their flight we all… Read More

Hello all, What a week I have had, it has been all go, go, go! Excitement grew as we left Nelspruit airport, (complete with a thatched roof!) to set off for Kwa Madwala home for the next ten weeks! A few minutes into the reserve we saw a herd of impala and to everyone’s excitement… Read More

Our first week in Ecuador has been an incredible one. After a late night arrival in Quito I met Fenner, the team leader. He immediately stood out as being extremely charismatic, and as he says, ¨overbearingly optimistic¨. Meeting my Team That same night I met Dylan, a fellow leaper who had been travelling in Ecuador… Read More