Hey guys! Thanks for checking back in on what the Leapers are up to in Siem Reap, Cambodia! It has been an eventful week and i am excited to tell you all about it.    The toilet-building project is coming along LEAPs and bounds! We’ve built the infrastructure of the toilet and now we are… Read More

Hey guys! A week ago I touched down in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and what a week it has been. I was greeted by both a wall of heat and humidity, and the lovely Cambodian Leap team, and taken to a hostel not too far from the town centre. Soon enough, all the Leapers were getting… Read More

Our Last 2 weeks in Cambodia have been epic, the six weeks have passed so quickly and I can’t believe I am already back in my bed in the UK where adventures are few and far between again! We travelled from Siem Reap to the sea side town of ‘Snookie’ where we realised it was… Read More

The Elephant Valley project was absolutely amazing! By far the most incredible place I’ve ever been. At EVP they have 9 elephants, we spent half days with the elephants then the other half was spent volunteering and helping with the up keep of the project. Spending so much time with the elephants was amazing, the… Read More

Hey it’s Vicky the Cambodia blogger, we have arrived in Siem Reap and have spent the last week getting to know the city and finding out what we are going to be doing to try and help here. We have been thoroughly orientated with a child protection seminar and tours of the city and the… Read More

Hey, I’m Vicky the new Cambodia blogger. I unlike a lot of people who are going away with the leap am not going on a Gap year… I’m going to use my summer holiday between the end of my A level exams and results day to do something amazing (instead of working full time like… Read More

For our only weekend in Sihanoukville we all went to Koh Rong Samlone, the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen. We got a hostel for the Saturday night and trekked up the 419 stairs to the full moon party. Walking up the stairs was hard enough, let alone walking back down but somehow we all… Read More

Thursday was our last day teaching at ELMA and KidTEA. We were all awarded with certificates to thank us for the work we’ve done, the KidTEA group had a party to celebrate their last day and we had a football match, including the children, teachers and volunteers at ELMA. Teaching at ELMA has defiantly been… Read More

Going to the circus has definitely been one of the best things we have done since being in Siem Reap. Would highly recommend it anyone travelling to this part of Cambodia. All of the performers and everyone involved in the circus has attended a school that helps gets underprivileged children and young adults into the… Read More