Our time in Siem Reap is now over and it feels bitter sweet, a month is quite a long time to spend somewhere and there is only so much $0.50 beer you can tolerate drinking and we became a bit too familiar with X bar. However we made our little volunteers house a home with… Read More

Going to the circus has definitely been one of the best things we have done since being in Siem Reap. Would highly recommend it anyone travelling to this part of Cambodia. All of the performers and everyone involved in the circus has attended a school that helps gets underprivileged children and young adults into the… Read More

So since I lasted posted, we’ve been moving around quite a lot. We had one day in Kuching to restock what we used up in Mentu or what realised we should have brought with is from home. It was great to have a day to ourselves to browse around the shops but probably the favourite… Read More

This week saw the formation of the dream team that is “The Elephant Clan” – or more accurately Arthur made the name up for us while he, Amos and I crawled through a fence to escape the tame elephants who were having a bit of a tantrum to say the least! We spend every morning… Read More

I must first apologise for the overly grey sentiment of the previous blog; we were gifted with some glorious sun this week on an island that rivals Paradise itself. But we can get onto that later. First, we’ll mull over the events of our final week of work. Let Us Create is a truly wonderful… Read More

Hi everyone! Our second week started off to a great start where we experienced teaching the kids for the first time. In the morning we assisted the class with learning the dates and months of the year, moving swiftly on to practicing geographical map skills and then finished off with a game of football! After… Read More

Hi Michaela, Second week’s blog here. It starts with a familiar sounding joke: what do you get when you cross a group of nine enthused young volunteers with a market stall selling zany scrunchies at 2000 riel a pop? Not, as you might anticipate, the central concept for a hit 80s sitcom with a cult… Read More

Hola, welcome to Ecuador, The best trip I´ve done so far ! Arriving into Quito on Monday it has been a non stop experience from day one. From the moment I boarded the plane and was forced Spanish lessons by the two women sat next to me, I realised this was going to be a… Read More