It’s our last week together as a Leap team, and we’re busier than ever! This week, we’ve been at Parque Ecopaz, which is a public park and reforestation project. Our first day, we learned a lot about the park. Their goal is to provide a safe place for kids and their families to play, exercise,… Read More

Can’t believe that we will be back home soon. We’re all really excited to be going back home, although in some respects I don’t understand why as we’re going to freeze. So if anyone reading this is picking up one of our troublesome lot please make sure your car is nice and toasty for us… Read More

What would a trip to Costa Rica be without a new animal or insect around every corner? Although we don’t have to worry about a toucan landing on our shoulder or tripping over sloths and monkeys, there’s still been a huge, amazing variety of wildlife seen here. In Matapalo, there were 7 beloved dogs that… Read More

  After arriving in the late afternoon on Monday from our weekend of island hopping, The Leapers were ready get back to work. But no before we celebrated Pepe´s birthday party! Pepe works at the hacienda and has been helping and directing us for the past week. We signed an ´I love boobies!´ shirt (blue-footed… Read More

Hola to everyone at home, This is sadly my last blog from Ecuador as today I am making my way back home on a 26 hour journey, currently finding myself waiting in Jorge Chavez airport, Lima, enduring a 9 hour wait. Our last week in Ecuador has been very relaxing and has given us an… Read More

This week has been my favourite so far and I’m sure many of the others would agree with me – merging completely with the other volunteers for the week has been lovely and I’ve laughed til I’ve cried pretty much every single day! We started the week in Sabie where we went abseiling, tubing and… Read More

This week saw the formation of the dream team that is “The Elephant Clan” – or more accurately Arthur made the name up for us while he, Amos and I crawled through a fence to escape the tame elephants who were having a bit of a tantrum to say the least! We spend every morning… Read More

BLOG 6 A slightly delayed blog entry – written mid flight from Madrid to Heathrow. With a total of 16 hours flying time + 9 hours in lay overs, it is safe to say I’m totally exhausted! From San Jose to Madrid, not a minute of shut eye was managed, leaving me rather drained –… Read More

I must first apologise for the overly grey sentiment of the previous blog; we were gifted with some glorious sun this week on an island that rivals Paradise itself. But we can get onto that later. First, we’ll mull over the events of our final week of work. Let Us Create is a truly wonderful… Read More

We all knew that we had booked a trip during rainy season. We all read online about the perils of Cambodia’s rainy season. We all conveniently chose to place our faith in those articles that promised us a couple of hours of intense rain surrounded by blistering sunshine with highs of forty degrees. We all… Read More