July 17th Naomi and I ate breakfast then walked to Charlotte and Alexi’s house at 8:30. Everyone walked up together to Pakarinka.   There, we waited inside for news about today’s work. While we waited, I finished writing the blog for last week. Since there was a chance of rain, work was cancelled at the… Read More

With a well needed stopover in Quito to top up on snacks, contact families, celebrate the birthday of a group member with dubiously named drinks and buy copious amounts of insect repellent the group travelled from Agato to the next community – the Tsachila community of Bua, near Santa Domingo.  Here the group spent two… Read More

Apologies for the late update about our adventures in the Andes! We all had an amazing time (for the most part) and had some really incredible experiences which we’ll never forget! After a rather long (and tiring) journey from Quito we got to Chilcapamba where we were met by Alfonso, who is the head of… Read More

This experience was life changing. Although this is from a personal point of view, i wanted to share the great personal development this trip gave me. I believe travel and unknown/unusual environments affects and shapes any individual. It altered my being in a way i find hard to articulate, it changes you and challenges you… Read More

Hello, I’m Ginny and I’m incredibly excited to be the summer Ecuador blogger. After being unsuccessful in my first application to University, I decided to take a gap year with my best friend who was in the same position. We spent the first few months researching different programmes and trying to work out where we… Read More

During our time in the jungle we’ve been lucky enough to live with the wonderful Calazacón family of the Tsà Chila tribe in El Poste. Yesterday we were all talking about the best bits of our time here and without fail, every one was something to do with the family. They have made us feel… Read More

Our adventure begins in the deepest depths of the lowland jungle, where we’ve spent the last few weeks with the Tsà Chila tribe! About half an hour outside of Santo Domingo, we were staying with the lovely Calazacón family, living in wooden huts, helping with reforestation and cacao harvesting in the mornings and learning about… Read More

  After arriving in the late afternoon on Monday from our weekend of island hopping, The Leapers were ready get back to work. But no before we celebrated Pepe´s birthday party! Pepe works at the hacienda and has been helping and directing us for the past week. We signed an ´I love boobies!´ shirt (blue-footed… Read More

We finally arrived here after weeks of waiting and it has not disappointed us yet, other than the near constant rainfall every day. No big deal! We left our hostel and Alonso in Quito at five AM on Saturday, bound for the airport. After a very short plane ride we were picked up in the… Read More

Hello civilization! We’re all enjoying a little wifi and some comfortable beds after two weeks in the jungle. Our service project this time was living and working with a T’sachila tribe near Santo Domingo. The first thing we noticed after stepping off the bus was the humidity. Compared to Quito, we were practically drinking the… Read More