One of my favourite things about coming home from a trip is sitting round with friends and family sharing photos and souvenirs. Until last week I had been excelling in photos but lacking in souvenirs. I’d eyed up some guide books in Kruger and an elephant necklace but hadn’t yet found something that captured… Read More

The second week started off similarly to the last week with a few of us still being ill. While the boys stayed home, the rest of us girls proved our strength by carrying buckets full of cement to finish off the foundation of the school building. Once that was done we were allowed to help… Read More

Today was normal – if you consider being 15 meters away from a heard of elephants drinking out of the lodges pool an everyday sight? Anyway, back to the beginning miles away in Heathrow airport where for the first time me and my fellow travellers, Tom, Ellie, Sophie and Emily met. Coming from entirely separate… Read More

The next two weeks would be spent in a remote jungle in Mondulkiri volunteering at the Elephant Valley Project. Our day was divided into two parts; elephant observation, where we learnt all about the different elephants, and secondly volunteering. The jungle took us a while to get used to, in the first few days it… Read More

Hello! My name is Sophie, I’m from the UK and I am currently setting out on my travels to Cambodia! I am 18 so decided to take a gap year before university. I have just spent the past 3 months travelling New Zealand so I’m ready and excited to go and explore a different country.… Read More

So this week Spirit decided to live up to his reputation with Ginny falling victim! Having had a great week of galloping through the bush at high speeds, we were beginning to take for granted that anything can happen when riding in the bush.   As we set off to go ‘flying’ as Temba likes… Read More

Time seems to have flown by this week! After a very sad farewell to the majority of the gaps in the early hours on Saturday morning the 7 of us remaining set off on our trip to Kruger ready for a weekend of camping in the bush. The journey there consisted of several horror stories… Read More

So on Sunday we were informed by Ali, one of the grooms for the horses, that the two tame elephants, Mujaji and Twali had escaped. Apparently, some school boys had left the gates open overnight. They were now wandering around with the wild elephants. Despite this being great fun for the elephants it wasn’t a… Read More

We’ve finally arrived at bush house, seeing some impala on the way. The landscape in South Africa is nothing like I ever imagined it’s beautiful and full of greens and reds. Unfortunately the weather didn’t want to cooperate the following day. Although a kudu did wander into our back garden. Thursday was amazing and after the… Read More

So last week, starting the 22nd Feb, and the week before that, starting the 15th Feb, have been pretty busy. The week starting the 15th began with walking with the elephants and then we said goodbye to the 6 weeker leaps by having a lovely dinner organised by Jay-Dee. The following day we said an… Read More