Hey guys! A week ago I touched down in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and what a week it has been. I was greeted by both a wall of heat and humidity, and the lovely Cambodian Leap team, and taken to a hostel not too far from the town centre. Soon enough, all the Leapers were getting… Read More

We arrived in Sihanoukville in the afternoon on the Sunday. We spent the day relaxing after spending the previous night out in Phomn Penh. The next day we began volunteering at the local schools, as usual we split into two groups, my group went to a school named Computer Development Centre (CDC). Here we began… Read More

As we are now at the halfway point I thought I’d share everyone’s experience of the trip so far! Emily: Best = Cascada de Peguche in Otovalo. Worst = Food Poisoning Laura Best = Hot Springs in Papallacta Worst = No water in Chilcapamba Ryan Best = Watching South American football finals in Quito Worst=… Read More

Work Continues with the Tsachila This week we continued our volunteering in the Tsachila village, which currently hosts us. We have been helping to improve the community sports facilities and spent some time clearing overgrown vegetation around the football pitch, but for the most part our work entailed walking into the jungle to cut down… Read More

Hello Everyone! Today is the last day of our trip in Venezuela. Nine and a half weeks ago we arrived here apprehensively and now we´re all leaving knowing that we´ve all achieved so much. We´ve renovated the local primary school in Punta Morena, renovated Jakera Club and held classes for four weeks, continued reforestation work… Read More

Hi, This week has been really exciting; we have learned a lot from each other and about the customs of Ecuadorians. Today the last team member (Rob) arrived safely and enjoyed a delicious breakfast for dinner we all shared! The team have been learning Spanish and started working on Monday in two different groups: 1.… Read More