My name is Patrick Walker, and I’m 19. I’m on a gap year before I go to York to study Politics and International Relations. I’m trying to use this time to travel to places and do things that I’d never get to do in later life: an opportunity to try some really new experiences.  … Read More

Hi, my name is Isla Stenhouse and I’m 19 years old and am only days away from setting off on an adventure of a life time. I decided to take a gap year because I wanted to experience the world outside of education that has made up the majority of my life for 18 years… Read More

Hello, my name is Irene and I will be participating in The LEAP Madagascar program for 10 weeks in spring of 2017. Deciding to take a gap year was a hard decision for me. Ultimately it came down to not only what I can experience, but also the personal growth that this adventure can bring… Read More

My name is Laura, and I’m 19 years old . I’ve always possessed an insatiable desire to travel as widely and diversely as possible, and a gap year seemed the perfect opportunity to satisfy this urge. Tanzania is a place that seemed, to someone living a very privileged (yet also undoubtedly very sheltered) life to… Read More

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since the last update! Time has flown by, and while it feels like just yesterday that I had my first lemur encounter in the park, so very much has happend in between. The stunning scenery here never gets old-despite now being here for three weeks, I still manage… Read More

For the last week of volunteering work I took as many opportunities as I could and had such a great time. I finally had the chance to teach; unfortunately it was all too short and left me longing for more lessons. This Monday’s bird walk was the best way to kick off the week and… Read More

Apologies for the late update about our adventures in the Andes! We all had an amazing time (for the most part) and had some really incredible experiences which we’ll never forget! After a rather long (and tiring) journey from Quito we got to Chilcapamba where we were met by Alfonso, who is the head of… Read More

We spent the next 10 days travelling round Nosy Be. 16 leapers split between 2 absolutely fantastic boats! The Catamaran and the older sailing/fishing boat. I was looking forward most to the destinations, the opportunities for snorkelling and roaming felt endless. When choosing whether to stay on the cat or the larger boat, it mainly… Read More

Hey it’s Vicky the Cambodia blogger, we have arrived in Siem Reap and have spent the last week getting to know the city and finding out what we are going to be doing to try and help here. We have been thoroughly orientated with a child protection seminar and tours of the city and the… Read More