So this week we started with an early morning road trip to Monteverde. It was a treacherous journey. 3 hours on the mini bus and then a ferry ride and then another 3 hours on the mini bus again. Everyone was very tired when we arrived in Monteverde but we were all blown away by… Read More

Week Three Early Sunday morning a large group of us got up early to see if they could spot a leopard on the bait. Two minutes in leopards were sighted by Dr Dre and we all locked on to them through the binoculars (except Max who was busy dreaming about Leopards), an amazing moment as… Read More

The first two weeks in Havana were amazing, we really enjoyed the Spanish classes and especially the dancing! We also had many cultural tours where we saw many of Havana’s special places, like the Jesus Statue, in Casa Blanca, Che Guevarra’s House and the Capitolio! Many of us also enjoyed going around Havana exploring in… Read More

I think it’s safe to say our adventure week lived up to everyone’s adrenaline-seeking expectation! We kicked the week off in Quilotoa, a quaint village right on the edge of a crater lake. Our first day was spent hiking down to the water and kayaking, which proved to be a lot easier said than done… Read More

Sorry it’s been a little while, I wanted to make sure all the travellers were back safe and sound before updating you all! So seeing this should reassure you that all leapers are back on camp with some crazy mainland stories to tell and very much ready to enjoy our final week together. Since we… Read More

The second week in Ecuador has been steady yet diverse. During the week we continued to work in the fields, guided by the maestro, Ernesto. Our host, Alfonso, decided that we should install an irrigation system in the small field that we had tilled and planted the week before, and this was to be the… Read More

Hola from Venezuela! The April Leap team are off to a great start, they are a really positive and very productive group of volunteers and have made a great first impression. In their first two weeks the Leapers worked on two projects here on the Caribbean coast – working on reforestation initiatives and hosting classes… Read More

Hola from Caribbean coast of Venezuela (no snow here!), The Leap team are now into their 5th week Venezuela – our final volunteer Sarah has arrived and team have moved from the beach at Playa Colorada up into the mountains and jungle of Caripe with their leaders Govinda and Harrison. The second half of last… Read More

The group travelled inland for 4 hours into the hills of Caripe. It’s a lot cooler in Caripe, so all those Jeans and hoodies that had sat uselessly unused in Playa Colorada for 5 weeks started pulling their weight. The volunteers camped in front of the Guacharo Cave, an inspiring base to use for all… Read More

Hola Ingleterra. This is Venezuela calling. Firstly we would like to thank you for the smooth arrival instructions we received. It could not have have been a quicker transfer through the airport. The check in area was clearly sign posted and it was obvious where we supposed to go. Our lack of Spanish was not… Read More