Sorry it’s been a little while, I wanted to make sure all the travellers were back safe and sound before updating you all! So seeing this should reassure you that all leapers are back on camp with some crazy mainland stories to tell and very much ready to enjoy our final week together. Since we… Read More

Mbola tsara from beautiful Madagascar! It’s been a very busy and fun week for everyone so far I think and with just 2 and a bit weeks left everyone is eager to enjoy every second we have left in this spectacular country. In teaching, Alex, Abbie, Maddie and I passed our first Malagasy test while… Read More

I’m back! Sorry for the delay everyone, but it seems I was finally hit by that inevitable illness this week and spent most of it ordering around the super amazing girls in our Treehouse hut to get me water or wet cloths or even to clean my sick bowl. So this is a big thank… Read More

It really is unbelievable that the boat trip is upon us already! I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to our two 6 weekers when we get back from our voyage but we’ll be sure to make every last second memorable for them both: Nicole, whose endless kindness reaches both locals and volunteers, and Zoe,… Read More

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since the last update! Time has flown by, and while it feels like just yesterday that I had my first lemur encounter in the park, so very much has happend in between. The stunning scenery here never gets old-despite now being here for three weeks, I still manage… Read More

After flights taking us half way across the world and, for many, lasting way too many days to keep track of, landing in Nosy Be felt a little surreal and dream-like. I think we would all agree that since that short boat ride took us across to our Little paradise island of Nosy Komba, time… Read More

Having landed back in the UK after a couple of months in Central America just a few days ago, I have to say I must be the least prepared of all for Saturday’s departure! While others are packing, weighing bags and stocking up on the appropriate currencies, I have just about finished unpacking, but I… Read More

  The first week of volunteering work was all so new and exiting. Unfortunately, there was just not enough time in the week, nor enough energy for me, to try out all the activities. However, I could wake up in the morning knowing that I was going to be kept busy. Walking to Angpang, 2pm.… Read More

So our time in Madagascar has now come to a close and we’re all settled safely back into reality. It has been a real whirlwind adventure, and not just because of the cyclone. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, other people and the world outside our back doors and just how special it is. And… Read More

As a group we all agreed that the favourite part of our adventure here was the first two weeks on the boat. The country was an enigma, entirely different to anything we had ever seen before and in need of exploring. Dan and his crew gave us the opportunity to do just that. From the… Read More