Well we are officially halfway through our 10 week journey here in Madagascar. When we first got here, the volunteers were telling us that the weeks will start to fly by, but I honestly didn’t think that they’d go THIS fast. This week was another wonderful week in Paradise, as all of us are pretty… Read More

So we have made it a whole month here in beautiful Madagascar- it’s crazy to believe that we have been here that long…  We have all joined in and are now helping out with the marine surveys, which is exciting. We are in the process of getting our advanced certification completed and by the end… Read More

Time to fill you all in once more on the crazy adventures that are happening here in Madagascar. It’s official – we are open water certified! Hurray!! We finished our course on Thursday and had our first fish idea dive on Friday, which was prettying amazing. The coral reef is filled with so many vibrant… Read More

Hello to everyone back home! We have just finished our second full week in Madagascar. This week I think we all really have settled in. The homesick feeling isn’t there anymore and everyone is starting be more comfortable with one another. We started our Padi open water course this week and every single one of… Read More

And that’s a wrap on week one here in Madagascar. We all started our first projects this week- half of us were in forest and the rest of us in the community. I’m very thankful that I got places in the community during my first week, as it introduced me to all the local adults… Read More

Three plane rides and 42 hours later, I’ve finally made it to Madagascar. Words cannot describe how unbelievably beautiful this place is. On arrival, we were greeted by an intern, who then took us over to Turtle Cove, our home for the next 10 weeks. Elysium, paradise and nirvana are the only words that can… Read More

Hello fellow Leapers, family, and friends I’m Katherine, a smiley, wonderfully weird and outgoing 19 year old, who happens to live in good old lower slower Delaware. I’ll be your insight into all the wild adventures we will be having during this 10 week program in Madagascar. I leave in three days and honestly the… Read More

Our month of Marine Conservation is already over! We’ve certainly come a long way in the past 4 weeks, transforming ourselves from underwater amateurs to fully qualified advanced scuba divers, and this week was the perfect way to finish this section of our program. Many of our dives this week have been spent completing fish… Read More

It has been a lovely, relaxing week in Madagascar as we continue with our marine program. This week we sadly waved goodbye to our fellow Leaper, Libby, so last weekend we organised a few activities to give her a good send off. It began with a wonderful trip to Nosy Tankely for a day of super-sized  snorkelling… Read More

3 flights, 2 days and one boat later… I finally arrived in Madagascar. This is what I found: It’s not every day you say to friends “Sorry can’t do – I’m off to Madagascar.” They look at you with one blinking eye as their brain scrambles to conjure up an image other than King Julian… Read More