It’s been a very busy two weeks for the leaps at bush house. With less than 3 weeks left until we head home, we have been trying to fit in plenty of trips, as well as the usual bush activities and rides. Last weekend we headed off to Moholoholo wildlife centre and the cheetah sanctuary.… Read More

So last week, starting the 22nd Feb, and the week before that, starting the 15th Feb, have been pretty busy. The week starting the 15th began with walking with the elephants and then we said goodbye to the 6 weeker leaps by having a lovely dinner organised by Jay-Dee. The following day we said an… Read More

This week has sadly been the last week for Emma. At least she was able to stay with us in Mozambique. Emma has been one of those bubbly, bouncy people that you need to have as part of the group. Most days she has been skipping about without a worry. Think we all need to… Read More

The horse riders got to go for a ride Sunday afternoon of this week, and for the first time, we saw lions while riding! We had been tracking them the whole afternoon; first we found a dead giraffe that they had killed and eaten a few days before, then we followed their tracks and saw where they had been chasing another… Read More

This week has been my favourite so far and I’m sure many of the others would agree with me – merging completely with the other volunteers for the week has been lovely and I’ve laughed til I’ve cried pretty much every single day! We started the week in Sabie where we went abseiling, tubing and… Read More

Dear All Mozambique, what an adventure! A very early start on Thursday morning, we piled into a minibus with our food supplies ready for the journey ahead. It was a rather long, cramped and sweaty journey to the ferry in which Jules was certain that her ‘human rights were being breached’; there is nothing like… Read More

We started our penultimate week in South Africa with a long game drive on Monday morning where we saw a impala that had been trapped in a snare, in that area we then saw a lot of snares that had not yet caught anything so we informed the rangers who came along to remove them… Read More

Hi Guy and everyone else in the office! As you know the group arrived here on Tuesday! In the afternoon that day, after they had settled in to Gazebo lodge (where they were to stay for the first week), we took them out on a drive to show them the stables, bush house and a… Read More

Hi Guy and all in the office. Its been another successful week with community work. The girls taught at Shama College and spent some time at Sivudendela home based care. This week ahead is conservation week and they will be doing a few mixed projects including bush clearing after the fire that come through just… Read More

Hi Michaela, All is going well here and the group have just returned after the mozambique excursion. It was a fantastic trip, everyone had the most amazing time and as always Mozambique is just as beautiful as i remember!! In the week leading up to mozambique the group where in the community at a school… Read More