Hey guys!   Our last week in Arusha began with us going to a new place. We went to Genolivolus orphanage where our project for the week was to plant a garden for them. This orphanage had a lovely homely feel to it and Mama Jane was very sweet and kind. Mama Jane told us… Read More

I’ve come to realise that South Africa is a country of contrasts, high mountains against endless seas, wild elephants next to humble mice and of course the class divide.   This week we visited a local orphanage in Malane, just a twenty minute drive from the game reserve. We arrived to be confronted with what… Read More

On Tuesday morning we travelled to Jane Olevolo’s Orphan Centre, the orphanage we’d visited in the first few days in Arusha. Here we began work planting a vegetable garden; this involved hoeing the soil, picking out weeds, creating shallow holes and putting ground nuts into each hole. It was a messy process (as we laboured… Read More

On the Sunday, after Rose’s birthday, we went to the local hostel – Funky Flashpackers – to make use of their swimming pool which has a volleyball net. Later on we went to get our first western meal at a wood-fire pizza restaurant… as you can imagine every plate was practically licked clean – pizza… Read More

This week, we moved our efforts to Bluebell Primary School, where we started on the painting and decorating of two classrooms. For some of us, painting ceilings did not come naturally (the paint stains on Bella and my clothes will forever remind us of our failure) whilst others, notably Pip and Savannah, remained remarkably unscathed.… Read More

Back to work at the orphanage and we finally got to teach the kids! They were very quiet the first day and keen to learn. We focused on helping them practice the alphabet and their writing. It was amazing to feel like we actually made an impact on their learning. The next day we taught… Read More

Monday 8th February 2016 This morning we continued with the conservation in the sun and we started at 7am but it wasn’t long until the sun got too hot for us. This afternoon the new Gaps arrived. It’s really nice to have some new faces around the place. We then went on a game drive… Read More

Safari Spectacular Time! No internet for a while means a lot to catch up on – the time in Tanzania changed from sublime to unreal as the group set off on a safari that would enlighten and shock. We headed off on a tour of several National Parks, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater – Tanzania’s… Read More