Hey guys!   Our last week in Arusha began with us going to a new place. We went to Genolivolus orphanage where our project for the week was to plant a garden for them. This orphanage had a lovely homely feel to it and Mama Jane was very sweet and kind. Mama Jane told us… Read More

  T.I.A One week in and we are now settling into the African ways of life. Freezing cold showers: 8, car breakdowns: 2, dormitory buildings in process: 1, Screams ( resulting from bugs, lizards, cold showers… main culprit is miss Katie and lucia…too many to count). After Izzi and Charlie missed their flight we all… Read More

I’m Izzi and over the next few months Charlie and I will be doing our best to keep you all up to date with our unique Tanzania experience (whenever we are blessed with internet connection!) Whilst most of our friends are stressing over student loans and preparing themselves to embrace the squalor of university halls… Read More

We started our penultimate week in South Africa with a long game drive on Monday morning where we saw a impala that had been trapped in a snare, in that area we then saw a lot of snares that had not yet caught anything so we informed the rangers who came along to remove them… Read More

This week was to be spent in Kosi Bay, a short ten hour minibus journey away, we left bush house at the sociable hour of 5am and we were on our way, with stops for food, the journey became more like eleven hours and could have been close to twelve, but be arrived safe and… Read More

We started the week with our first early morning bush drive where we had our first rhino and elephant sighting. The Rhinos at Kwa have had their horns removed to discourage poaching, this was a sad reminder of the conditions in which these animals live within Africa. After this game drive we went on a… Read More