Last weekend a few of us went to Battanbang for a night. I was supposed to go but I ended up not feeling well that morning. Those who went said that they really enjoyed the Bamboo train and watching the sunset from the caves. The rest of us who did not go to Battanbang stayed… Read More

This week, we moved our efforts to Bluebell Primary School, where we started on the painting and decorating of two classrooms. For some of us, painting ceilings did not come naturally (the paint stains on Bella and my clothes will forever remind us of our failure) whilst others, notably Pip and Savannah, remained remarkably unscathed.… Read More

Monday 8th February 2016 This morning we continued with the conservation in the sun and we started at 7am but it wasn’t long until the sun got too hot for us. This afternoon the new Gaps arrived. It’s really nice to have some new faces around the place. We then went on a game drive… Read More

Hola! I’m Emma, I’ve finished my A-levels and just started my gap yah! I’ve already visited the religious community of Taize, France and been on a summer school with BIMM, the university I want to go to in 2014. So far I’ve met some really great people, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some… Read More

We started our penultimate week in South Africa with a long game drive on Monday morning where we saw a impala that had been trapped in a snare, in that area we then saw a lot of snares that had not yet caught anything so we informed the rangers who came along to remove them… Read More

Whilst Lucy and Mili flew off to continue their journey in Bangkok, the remaining 12 of us travelled down to Sihanoukville. After a traumatising start to the journey for T-Bag –(she hopped in the car to the sight of our driver offering her a leg of his fried tarantula before promptly placing it in his… Read More

Our second week in Caripe began with our arrival at Campermento Kenya. After all the introduction with our hosts, Carlos and his team our antics from the night before suddenly caught up on us and we were hit with sudden fatigue, the consequence being an early night for the leapers! Sunday however brought an exciting… Read More