July 4: Departure Into the Unknown I couldn’t sleep very well all night, too nervous and excited about what was to come. I drove to the airport with my dad, said “see you later” and went through security. This moment, after turning my back to the small world consisting of the east coast of the… Read More

With a well needed stopover in Quito to top up on snacks, contact families, celebrate the birthday of a group member with dubiously named drinks and buy copious amounts of insect repellent the group travelled from Agato to the next community – the Tsachila community of Bua, near Santa Domingo.  Here the group spent two… Read More

The group first met as a whole in Quito, some tired from long cross continental flights and early morning layovers in Bogota and others fresh from much shorter trips from North America.  Following an orientation and explanation of the places we are going to visit we spent the first weekend exploring Quito, a deceptively hilly and… Read More

Buenos dias familia y amigos! Clemmy and I found an internet cafe so I’ve able to send in the first blog, sorry for the delay! We started out our first full day in Ecuador with some introductions, a walk to the bank, a stolen wallet, and a quick lunch. After lunch we made our way… Read More

Montañita is a small coastal town, northwest of Guayaquil, dedicated almost exclusively to surfing and partying. This was our next destination, and after a short bus trip (during which we got to see what I can only refer to as the worst movie ever made) we arrived in the surfing town. As soon as we… Read More

The first week of volunteering was hard work and my hands needed a rest so that my blisters had a chance to heal. We started out by digging holes to make way for piping for transporting water. Once the pipes were put down, it was time to fill up the holes again. It doesn’t sound… Read More

Today’s the day we finally embark on an adventure to this mysterious remote land, where we will be spending the next 6 weeks. The first day of the Ecuadorian trip has gone rather slowly, considering it started with a 14hr trip from London to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. But despite this long tedious journey,… Read More

Hello, all! So – our program itinerary dubbed this week as our ‘Adventure Week’, and that’s exactly what we have experienced over the last couple of days. Brace yourselves for this report on Group B’s latest endeavors in Baños de Agua Santos – the ‘Adventure Capital’ of Ecuador.  With a few days to spare in Quito… Read More

¡Hola, mundo! Group B at it again, this time greeting you from the comfort of our initial starting point, Hostel Guayunga, located in the heart of the buzzing city of Quito. Here, we have been reunited with Group A, with whom we have exchanged tales of our respectively memorable experiences from the sweet community of Chilcapamba… Read More