We are all having a fantastic time out here in Argentina, especially since it’s hotting up – and I’m not just talking about on the polo pitch! Since beginning our intrepid exploration into the dangerous landscape that is the Argentinian Pampas, we have braved mighty feats, such as witnessing James, the token celeb of the… Read More

Sorry I’m going to have to cut this short so I have time to email everybody else I don’t have long as were having a party tonight for the full moon and it’s such a mission to get any access to Internet! You cannot possibly imagine, I’ve been tearing my hair out over it… Please… Read More

Hola! Just wanted to let you all know what a fantastic time was had in Argentina when I went to visit the Leap team last week at the polo Estancia where they are spending the next 6-10 weeks. The girls were on top form as we learnt the ropes at the polo stables, practiced our… Read More