Hello, The Kruger park is bigger than Wales and contains an estimated count of only 120 cheetah’s who are often illusive due to their spotted fur and constant movement. Therefore the idea of seeing just one would be a strike of luck but seeing three now that’s just crazy… I mentioned in the last post… Read More

On Thursday we embarked on a cycle tour of Lake Manyara National Park. We bid farewell to Sara, who wisely steered clear of the bicycles, and (after some initial difficulties) set off. Emerging into the National Park for the first time was very surreal; it was definitely a unique experience being so exposed to nature.… Read More

Sadly I don’t have much to report on week 3 in bush house as I wasn’t very well so I was cooped up on the sofa watching endless movies, reading every book available and dosing up on more antibiotics than I’ve had in a lifetime! I do however know that Tori and Ginny had another… Read More

The day after the biking tour we as a group decided to splurge on a 4 day safari through the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Terengeri. I can’t even begin to describe it. We were extremely lucky because we got to see all of the Big Five which is very rare. The Big Five… Read More

Time seems to have flown by this week! After a very sad farewell to the majority of the gaps in the early hours on Saturday morning the 7 of us remaining set off on our trip to Kruger ready for a weekend of camping in the bush. The journey there consisted of several horror stories… Read More

After two weeks, we are all now accustomed to the feeling of being constantly covered in dust, dirt and sweat. It hasn’t seemed to dampen anyone’s spirits though – Jerome in particular always keeps us laughing no matter how hard or tiring the work is.  Last week we finished making the cement floor for a… Read More

Well I’d be lying if I said that this week wasn’t eventful. From arriving, settling in, familiarising ourselves with Kwa Madwala and getting used to bush style party nights, we’ve certainly been kept busy! It already feels like we’ve all lived here and known each other for ever. After a slightly shaky start involving long… Read More

Hello from Kwa Madwala, South Africa!! Midweek we all jumped in the mini-van and headed to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. Of the endangered species, cheetah is HESC’s priority. The centre has created a successful research and breeding programme, with more than 270 new cheetahs. Twenty of these include the very rare king cheetah, which… Read More

Safari Spectacular Time! No internet for a while means a lot to catch up on – the time in Tanzania changed from sublime to unreal as the group set off on a safari that would enlighten and shock. We headed off on a tour of several National Parks, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater – Tanzania’s… Read More

A Week of Animal Encounters Last Sunday evening whilst people were heading to bed, one of the lionesses wandered into camp and started calling to her mate. Rosie was taking out the rubbish at the time and had quite a surprise when she heard the low rumblings of a lion that was close by! On… Read More