Hey guys!   Our last week in Arusha began with us going to a new place. We went to Genolivolus orphanage where our project for the week was to plant a garden for them. This orphanage had a lovely homely feel to it and Mama Jane was very sweet and kind. Mama Jane told us… Read More

Hey guys! Thanks for checking back in on what the Leapers are up to in Siem Reap, Cambodia! It has been an eventful week and i am excited to tell you all about it.    The toilet-building project is coming along LEAPs and bounds! We’ve built the infrastructure of the toilet and now we are… Read More

We all knew that we had booked a trip during rainy season. We all read online about the perils of Cambodia’s rainy season. We all conveniently chose to place our faith in those articles that promised us a couple of hours of intense rain surrounded by blistering sunshine with highs of forty degrees. We all… Read More

Hi Michaela, Second week’s blog here. It starts with a familiar sounding joke: what do you get when you cross a group of nine enthused young volunteers with a market stall selling zany scrunchies at 2000 riel a pop? Not, as you might anticipate, the central concept for a hit 80s sitcom with a cult… Read More

Mambo everyone! Arrived safely and have now completed our first week in Tanzania! The week has flown by and we already feel so at home here! The 2nd was the day the majority of our group arrived so we spent our first day getting to know each other and settling into our new home. Mamma… Read More

  T.I.A One week in and we are now settling into the African ways of life. Freezing cold showers: 8, car breakdowns: 2, dormitory buildings in process: 1, Screams ( resulting from bugs, lizards, cold showers… main culprit is miss Katie and lucia…too many to count). After Izzi and Charlie missed their flight we all… Read More

I’m Izzi and over the next few months Charlie and I will be doing our best to keep you all up to date with our unique Tanzania experience (whenever we are blessed with internet connection!) Whilst most of our friends are stressing over student loans and preparing themselves to embrace the squalor of university halls… Read More

Hello from Venezuela! We are still having a lovely time and enjoying the tropical weather! On Monday we moved to the inland town of  Caripe. The mountainous region is famed for it´s Guccucaro Cave (no idea how it´s spelt!), and it´s coffee. It´s rained hard here today but it has given us all the opportunity… Read More

Having undergone a gruelling 12 hour car journey, I’m happy to say that we’ve arrived safely in Daar es Salaam! (With the exception of our kilj teammates, who still have their descent ahead of them). We spent a large part of our last week in Arusha at a Masai village, where we got to experience… Read More