So this week Spirit decided to live up to his reputation with Ginny falling victim! Having had a great week of galloping through the bush at high speeds, we were beginning to take for granted that anything can happen when riding in the bush.   As we set off to go ‘flying’ as Temba likes… Read More

Sadly I don’t have much to report on week 3 in bush house as I wasn’t very well so I was cooped up on the sofa watching endless movies, reading every book available and dosing up on more antibiotics than I’ve had in a lifetime! I do however know that Tori and Ginny had another… Read More

Time seems to have flown by this week! After a very sad farewell to the majority of the gaps in the early hours on Saturday morning the 7 of us remaining set off on our trip to Kruger ready for a weekend of camping in the bush. The journey there consisted of several horror stories… Read More

I’m Liv and I’m this year’s blogger for the South Africa trip in September! I’m 18, half Italian and I live in Shropshire, England. Having just finished my a levels this summer, I decided to take a gap year as I thought that now would be the perfect time in my life to do something… Read More

So today is my last and final week. Though a few of the leaps have chosen to extend I sadly have to return home. Not without a few more exciting and funny stories to tell before the week is out. For example we had yet another visit from the elephants however this time they broke… Read More

On Sunday to catch up on some of the riding we’ve missed due to morning drive and other activities, the riders me, Olivia and George went out on a 6 hour day ride. It all started great with Olivia on her favourite hippy boy, me on baurbaton my safe and stubborn pony and George on… Read More

We started this week taking turns to drive the jeeps around the park. With no power steering it was like driving my first car again. Though much more fun and bumpy. We had the few occasional stalls and near miss crashes into tree stumps. I think those of us from England had the advantages seeing… Read More