Waterfalls. Peacocks. Country hopping, Canyons. All in seven days! I’m currently back home in England snuggled up on my sofa, listening to the rain outside reminiscing about our last week in South Africa and appreciating just how much we managed to fit in.   Our first trip of the week was around the Panorama, a… Read More

Hello everyone!   Camp just never gets less incredible. It’s been our last week in Turtle Cove so we’ve been trying to make the most of everything, but I never want to leave this paradise. Whilst it’s weird to think we won’t be staying much longer in camp, we’re all really looking forward to the… Read More

Hello! Week three started off with a change of location. We moved to Lake Manyara where we stayed in tents then, later in the week, we were upgraded to huts (finally a warm shower!). The camp was lovely with a campfire where we met new people every night, a bar and we were able to… Read More

Hello, The Kruger park is bigger than Wales and contains an estimated count of only 120 cheetah’s who are often illusive due to their spotted fur and constant movement. Therefore the idea of seeing just one would be a strike of luck but seeing three now that’s just crazy… I mentioned in the last post… Read More

It’s been a very busy two weeks for the leaps at bush house. With less than 3 weeks left until we head home, we have been trying to fit in plenty of trips, as well as the usual bush activities and rides. Last weekend we headed off to Moholoholo wildlife centre and the cheetah sanctuary.… Read More

So this week Spirit decided to live up to his reputation with Ginny falling victim! Having had a great week of galloping through the bush at high speeds, we were beginning to take for granted that anything can happen when riding in the bush.   As we set off to go ‘flying’ as Temba likes… Read More

Sadly I don’t have much to report on week 3 in bush house as I wasn’t very well so I was cooped up on the sofa watching endless movies, reading every book available and dosing up on more antibiotics than I’ve had in a lifetime! I do however know that Tori and Ginny had another… Read More

Time seems to have flown by this week! After a very sad farewell to the majority of the gaps in the early hours on Saturday morning the 7 of us remaining set off on our trip to Kruger ready for a weekend of camping in the bush. The journey there consisted of several horror stories… Read More