With a well needed stopover in Quito to top up on snacks, contact families, celebrate the birthday of a group member with dubiously named drinks and buy copious amounts of insect repellent the group travelled from Agato to the next community – the Tsachila community of Bua, near Santa Domingo.  Here the group spent two… Read More

What do you do in Costa Rica?” “So what do you even do in Matapalo?” “But what do you DO with the turtles?” These are the questions we’re bombarded with any time someone finds out that we’re on this trip. For us, it seems somewhat silly, until we realize, people aren’t living our reality! Most… Read More

Hello civilization! We’re all enjoying a little wifi and some comfortable beds after two weeks in the jungle. Our service project this time was living and working with a T’sachila tribe near Santo Domingo. The first thing we noticed after stepping off the bus was the humidity. Compared to Quito, we were practically drinking the… Read More

Buenas tardes! Our adventure week was kicked off with a two-hour bus ride from our beloved hostel in Quito to Quilotoa. Once we had marveled at how cold it was compared to Quito and lost our minds at how comfy the beds were, we got ready for our first “adventure”; hiking down a crater to… Read More

This Saturday finds us Leapers chilling out after a week of hard work. We’re heading to Otovalo after lunch to catch up on Wi-Fi, eat food that doesn’t contain potatoes and visit the market. Hopefully we’ll have all thirteen Leapers and our leader Alonso decked out in alpaca sweaters by the end of the day!… Read More

Buenos dias familia y amigos! Clemmy and I found an internet cafe so I’ve able to send in the first blog, sorry for the delay! We started out our first full day in Ecuador with some introductions, a walk to the bank, a stolen wallet, and a quick lunch. After lunch we made our way… Read More

Greetings fellow travelers, future travelers, friends and family of the Leap! I’m Sophie, your blogger for the September Leap trip to Ecuador! I cannot  believe that in a week I’ll be on a plane bound for Quito. I swear I still had four months left to pack damn it! How the time flies when you’re… Read More

After an incredible ten weeks together in, undoubtedly, one of the most diverse countries in the world, the end has come for the Leap’s Ecuador Group B! Although we’d mentioned eventually parting ways several times early in the game, and chose to bypass the saddening topic promptly, we all knew that the inevitable time would… Read More

So if there was ever a way to end a trip, it was the chilled out days and crazy nights of coastal party town, Montañita. Damn did we have a good time. After a very noisy and over excited late night reunion with Group B in Guayaquil, we were off seeking some sun by the… Read More