Our intrepid Borneo team are now a week into their volunteer placement and happily settled into life in the Malaysian rainforest. Freddie, Louisa, Emily, Liz, Isaac, Hannah, Charlie, Katherine, Alice, James, Ros and Patrick (phew!) have moved into Kipouvo camp and have made a great start on their construction project, building toilets for the community.… Read More

Hello Everyone! Today is the last day of our trip in Venezuela. Nine and a half weeks ago we arrived here apprehensively and now we´re all leaving knowing that we´ve all achieved so much. We´ve renovated the local primary school in Punta Morena, renovated Jakera Club and held classes for four weeks, continued reforestation work… Read More

Jambo from Tanzania! Just checking in to let you guys know that the Tanzania team of Leapers have settled into life on the other side of the equator and are all doing great! Gabby, Liz, Lucas, Julia and Amandine have been working like troopers and have already completed their first community project teaching, painting classrooms and… Read More

Over the weekend the Leapers and their colleagues from camps international returned to the group, so project work was in full force with all 33 of us. On Monday, we began work on the large fish ponds with the Baraka Women’s Mangrove Conservation Group. The villagers can then fish in these for food or sell… Read More

Hi Alice, Just wanted to give you a litte update. The leapers spent two weeks working in Jakera Club and found it challenging but rewarding. They did sports classes in Jakera club, and are also starting to turn our large teachers binder into a more formal typed up version so it is more user friendly… Read More

Jambo from the Sun-Soaked Kenya Coast! The Kenya Summer Team arrived on Tuesday morning and are settling in really well to village life! I just popped in to say a quick Hello and everyone in good shape. The boys were out playing football with some of the locals but I caught the girls in camp… Read More

Just wanted to let you know the gorup made it safe and sound to Caripe. Will update you periodically as to how they are and what they are up to. This last week the group did sports with the kids of Playa Colorada and helped to paint the local school, which is a project that will continue… Read More

Hola everyone at The Leap! Since our last blog we have had a very exciting time here in Playa Colorada. It started with a big group of us from Jakera heading to Puerto La Cruz to watch the Caribes de Anzoutigue vs. Leones de Caracas baseball match which had an amazing atmosphere and we all… Read More