Hey guys!   Our last week in Arusha began with us going to a new place. We went to Genolivolus orphanage where our project for the week was to plant a garden for them. This orphanage had a lovely homely feel to it and Mama Jane was very sweet and kind. Mama Jane told us… Read More

Hello! Week three started off with a change of location. We moved to Lake Manyara where we stayed in tents then, later in the week, we were upgraded to huts (finally a warm shower!). The camp was lovely with a campfire where we met new people every night, a bar and we were able to… Read More

The second week started off similarly to the last week with a few of us still being ill. While the boys stayed home, the rest of us girls proved our strength by carrying buckets full of cement to finish off the foundation of the school building. Once that was done we were allowed to help… Read More

My name is Laura, and I’m 19 years old . I’ve always possessed an insatiable desire to travel as widely and diversely as possible, and a gap year seemed the perfect opportunity to satisfy this urge. Tanzania is a place that seemed, to someone living a very privileged (yet also undoubtedly very sheltered) life to… Read More

We started off these last two weeks in total denial that at the conclusion of them we would have to say kwaheri (goodbye in swahili) to some of our favourite people. These two weeks have been our last at our new-found home here in Arusha. I spent last week in the orphanage which I have… Read More

The day after the biking tour we as a group decided to splurge on a 4 day safari through the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Terengeri. I can’t even begin to describe it. We were extremely lucky because we got to see all of the Big Five which is very rare. The Big Five… Read More

This week was an exciting change of pace because we moved our base camp to Lake Manyara area! We got to stay at a campsite with semi-permanent tents and volunteered at the Amani Children’s Home. The first day was just an introduction to the camp and to the Children’s Home. They have such a charming… Read More

We have officially arrived in Arusha and are beyond happy to be here. On Friday I landed in Kilimanjaro Airport along with about half of the leapers on this trip. Exhausted from jet lag, we all stumbled through the small airport beside the other adventurers we had flown with and made our way through customs… Read More

2 floors, a painted school and a hospital visit later, week two has officially come to a close. The tans that we all got on week one, have gone due to the torrential rain, however this week has never the less been full of laughs and memories. The rooster and Muslim call of prayer seem… Read More

Hi everyone! We’re into week 5 of our Tanzania adventure now! This week we’ve been back in our main base, Arusha, but have been working at a different place every few days. We started off the week at government school where we were faced with the challenging task of refurbishing a classroom so that a… Read More