On the Sunday, after Rose’s birthday, we went to the local hostel – Funky Flashpackers – to make use of their swimming pool which has a volleyball net. Later on we went to get our first western meal at a wood-fire pizza restaurant… as you can imagine every plate was practically licked clean – pizza… Read More

 After an exciting few days exploring Mulu National Park we were back to work.  Though we’d recently finished a week of hard labor, many of us articulated that we were actually more nervous for the upcoming project: teaching English. The school we helped is run by Borneo Child Aid, an organization that provides education to… Read More

This week, we moved our efforts to Bluebell Primary School, where we started on the painting and decorating of two classrooms. For some of us, painting ceilings did not come naturally (the paint stains on Bella and my clothes will forever remind us of our failure) whilst others, notably Pip and Savannah, remained remarkably unscathed.… Read More

I’m back! Sorry for the delay everyone, but it seems I was finally hit by that inevitable illness this week and spent most of it ordering around the super amazing girls in our Treehouse hut to get me water or wet cloths or even to clean my sick bowl. So this is a big thank… Read More

For the past week we have been volunteering at a school in a village named Kalabakan. The school was set up by Borneo Child Aid for children that are not entitled to state education because they are not originally Malay. It’s sad that these children can’t go to the large, modern primary school provided by… Read More

Time seems to have flown by this week! After a very sad farewell to the majority of the gaps in the early hours on Saturday morning the 7 of us remaining set off on our trip to Kruger ready for a weekend of camping in the bush. The journey there consisted of several horror stories… Read More

Our legs were destroyed the morning after we climbed Mount Meru. We managed to haul ourselves out of bed and get ready to begin work at the Ngaramtoni special needs school. On arrival, a swarm of kids ran out to us – They were beyond excited to see new faces and clutched onto our hands… Read More

So, last time I left off after spending one day painting and decorating the school in Kalabakan. The following day was open for a bit of R&R. On Monday we started the real work. We split into mini groups for teaching, each group taking a class for the morning. At this particular school, the school… Read More

The start of last week was fairly routine, as we spent the mornings finishing our toilet and the afternoons teaching at KIDTEA. On Wednesday we finally finished our toilet which gave all of the team a huge amount of satisfaction, as we had completed our legacy and ¬†we had done it much quicker than was… Read More

Hi everyone! We’re into week 5 of our Tanzania adventure now! This week we’ve been back in our main base, Arusha, but have been working at a different place every few days. We started off the week at government school where we were faced with the challenging task of refurbishing a classroom so that a… Read More