We all knew that we had booked a trip during rainy season. We all read online about the perils of Cambodia’s rainy season. We all conveniently chose to place our faith in those articles that promised us a couple of hours of intense rain surrounded by blistering sunshine with highs of forty degrees. We all… Read More

Update post Kili! I’m sure you’ll all be very happy to hear that the five of us survived Kili! On Saturday morning we were picked up by Gerry (our guide and a friend of Mamma Jo’s) with the rest of the porters- 16 in total! With a two hour car journey to reach our starting… Read More

Sadly I write my penultimate blog today in the port of San Cristobal after returning from a spectacular two days on the islands of Isabella and Santa Cruz. Unfortunately we are also all coming to the end of our travels, but It´s not all sad for us, tomorrow we will be flying back to Guayaquil… Read More

Greetings from the Galapagos, Our first week in the Galapagos has afforded us all sights of wildlife, scenery and experiences that most of us would never have thought would be possible, and this has only been during the weekends. The weekdays have been dedicated to volunteering around the Hacienda Tranquila, our work has taken us… Read More

Atalanta here with my blog update! Hola from a rather well weathered and tired team Leap from Costa Rica! This week our original, dream-team combination of 9 volunteers dwindled down to just the 4 leapers. Our fellow volunteers, who are travelling in conjunction with other volunteer programmes, ventured onto pastures green, having spent their allotted… Read More

Blog 2 I’m writing this blog while we watch one of Arthur’s favourite films… I preferred Bridget Jones but now there is a boy in the group I think the chick flicks may be put on hold! Today we took our first trip to Kruger which was very cold at first but amazing! We were… Read More

Hola from Ecuador, After last weeks shopping trip and celebrations in Otavolo for Katie´s birthday we headed out on Sunday to the independence parade in the nearby town of Cotacachi . The parade itself featured local people from the surrounding area, including marching bands, school children, armed forces and of course, us. Although the day… Read More

Tonight, I write to you from the welcome refuge of my mosquito net tented bed after a hectic week. I think we could safely say as a team, it has taken 2 weeks for our naïve UK palates to accustom to the Costa Rican food. Understandably each individual country has its preferred staple food –… Read More

We are spending this evening shaving a South African Safari guide’s head. I know the leap tell you you’ll learn new skills while abroad but I didn’t think hairdressing would be one of them. Haha Tumbling out of the bright yellow thatched airport and into a minibus that blared out Beyoncé as we travelled to… Read More