Memories and Goodbyes So this is it, the final blog of our amazing time in Siem Reap. 6 weeks seems and sounds like a long time, however I’m sure that everyone in the group would agree that it seemed to go far too quickly. (I will apologise early on to say that this will be… Read More

  A little note from Eleanor Warner – Tanzania Media Intern, January 2014 Towards the end of my 10 week programme with the Leap I was given the opportunity to work in the largest multimedia company in Tanzania, Mwananchi Communications. There I was shown the inner workings of their English newspaper, The Citizen. The atmosphere… Read More

Mambo everyone, Apologies for the late post- our last two weeks in Arusha have been really busy! Last week we were working at a church school, helping to build 3 new classrooms. While we were there the walls and floors had to be covered in a layer of cement, turns out that throwing cement at… Read More

Borneo – Part 2 Sepilok After visiting the plantation, Torben drove us back to Tawau Airport where we boarded our third flight of the trip for a short hop to Sandakan. I have read much about the horrific death marches of Sandakan where Australian and British soldiers held in a prisoner of war camp during… Read More

Part 1 – Phase 1, Eastern Borneo Borneo, land of headhunters, tropical rainforest, and orang-utans. When Guy said I was going to Borneo I didn’t really know what to expect. Having persuaded my partner Simon to come along with me, we got back on Monday having loved every minute of our whistle-stop tour of Sabah… Read More

Mambo everyone! Sorry that this post is a little late (sure you were all waiting with baited breath) but we’ve had a (virtually) internet free week in Lake Manyara and on safari at the weekend. We drove to Lake Manyara on Monday morning and dropped our stuff off at the campsite we were staying at… Read More

This week we have been tasked with constructing a house for the Tsachilas. It will not be used for living in but instead as an example of typical living for visitors and tourists. For a community that is almost entirely dependent on nature and that has lived outdoors for generations it is bizarre that as… Read More

The 8am wake up on Monday morning was a slight shock to everyone, however, at least the jet lag had settled down now. We were straight away split into groups, and began the work for the water pump at both separate placements. This involved initially digging trenches and then laying the brick foundations. We were… Read More

Team B, or Team Bananagrams as we have been christened, are thoroughly enjoying life in South America and have settled in nicely to their new Ecuadorian routine. The group met at 4.30 am in Heathrow airport, a tough ask as virtually no one was feeling at their prime both socially or physically. The brief from… Read More

24 hours living in the bush and we couldn’t have had a better start! Landing in Nelspruit to find a tiny thatched roof airport and wall to wall sunshine, we all knew we had stepped off the plane into Africa. However, the upbeat atmosphere was slightly dampened in the sweltering journey to Kwa Madawala, hot,… Read More