Elementary school–> Middle school–> High school–> University. That’s the nonstop path a “normal” student in America follows. That’s the path I always assumed I would follow. I never once questioned it or thought to go against society’s strong pressure to comply. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would delay university for a… Read More

My name is Laura, and I’m 19 years old . I’ve always possessed an insatiable desire to travel as widely and diversely as possible, and a gap year seemed the perfect opportunity to satisfy this urge. Tanzania is a place that seemed, to someone living a very privileged (yet also undoubtedly very sheltered) life to… Read More

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since the last update! Time has flown by, and while it feels like just yesterday that I had my first lemur encounter in the park, so very much has happend in between. The stunning scenery here never gets old-despite now being here for three weeks, I still manage… Read More

Arriving at camp, a little later than planned, we were surprised at how nice the tents were and after a quick dinner and a tour of camp we went to sleep. Over the next couple of days we set up camera traps in different areas of the farm to try and catch some footage of… Read More

Hello, I’m Ginny and I’m incredibly excited to be the summer Ecuador blogger. After being unsuccessful in my first application to University, I decided to take a gap year with my best friend who was in the same position. We spent the first few months researching different programmes and trying to work out where we… Read More

On Sunday to catch up on some of the riding we’ve missed due to morning drive and other activities, the riders me, Olivia and George went out on a 6 hour day ride. It all started great with Olivia on her favourite hippy boy, me on baurbaton my safe and stubborn pony and George on… Read More

I must first apologise for the overly grey sentiment of the previous blog; we were gifted with some glorious sun this week on an island that rivals Paradise itself. But we can get onto that later. First, we’ll mull over the events of our final week of work. Let Us Create is a truly wonderful… Read More

We all knew that we had booked a trip during rainy season. We all read online about the perils of Cambodia’s rainy season. We all conveniently chose to place our faith in those articles that promised us a couple of hours of intense rain surrounded by blistering sunshine with highs of forty degrees. We all… Read More

Hola from Ecuador, After last weeks shopping trip and celebrations in Otavolo for Katie´s birthday we headed out on Sunday to the independence parade in the nearby town of Cotacachi . The parade itself featured local people from the surrounding area, including marching bands, school children, armed forces and of course, us. Although the day… Read More