Our first week of living in the Tsáchila community has been nothing shy of incredible. When we arrived in the jungle last Saturday and saw our extremely basic living conditions, I think the initial instinct among all was complete fear. However, the living situation has ended up being one of the best parts of the… Read More

My name is Laura, and I’m 19 years old . I’ve always possessed an insatiable desire to travel as widely and diversely as possible, and a gap year seemed the perfect opportunity to satisfy this urge. Tanzania is a place that seemed, to someone living a very privileged (yet also undoubtedly very sheltered) life to… Read More

After making so many friends in the jungle camp we were sad to leave. However as soon as we got to the seaside we got over this as we saw how beautiful the new place we’d be staying was! Our longhouse was on the beach and we were just a stone’s throw away from sand,… Read More

Monday was our last day at the green rooms for the next few weeks. We were all sad to leave, and were especially sad to leave Brendan and Josie’s family, as well as our favourite Spanish teacher Lili. We are very thankful for getting to know these wonderful people and are going to miss them… Read More

Our time in Siem Reap is now over and it feels bitter sweet, a month is quite a long time to spend somewhere and there is only so much $0.50 beer you can tolerate drinking and we became a bit too familiar with X bar. However we made our little volunteers house a home with… Read More

Apologies for the late update about our adventures in the Andes! We all had an amazing time (for the most part) and had some really incredible experiences which we’ll never forget! After a rather long (and tiring) journey from Quito we got to Chilcapamba where we were met by Alfonso, who is the head of… Read More

So our time in Madagascar has now come to a close and we’re all settled safely back into reality. It has been a real whirlwind adventure, and not just because of the cyclone. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, other people and the world outside our back doors and just how special it is. And… Read More

The Elephant Valley project was absolutely amazing! By far the most incredible place I’ve ever been. At EVP they have 9 elephants, we spent half days with the elephants then the other half was spent volunteering and helping with the up keep of the project. Spending so much time with the elephants was amazing, the… Read More