Hello everyone!   Camp just never gets less incredible. It’s been our last week in Turtle Cove so we’ve been trying to make the most of everything, but I never want to leave this paradise. Whilst it’s weird to think we won’t be staying much longer in camp, we’re all really looking forward to the… Read More

  The Kruger park is bigger than Wales and contains an estimated count of only 120 cheetah’s who are often illusive due to their spotted fur and constant movement. Therefore the idea of seeing just one would be a strike of luck but seeing three now that’s just crazy… I left the last post on… Read More

Hola   Now that we have left Playa Girón and are in Trinidad, there is now some internet, so i can update you on the groups progress.    In Playa Girón we started our volunteering; marine conservation, building a baseball field and catching the predatory lion fish which were introduced into the area by human… Read More

Week 3 has mainly consisted of work. Both groups made good progress building the toilets for the chosen families and are well on the way to completing them. Teaching at KidTEA has been so much fun, although the we didn’t get the opportunity to teach there as much as we would’ve liked to, it’s been… Read More

Today Holly and I said our final goodbyes to turtle cove and all of the amazing volunteers on Nosy Komba. The past 10 weeks have gone by in a blink of an eye! I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to have had this experience especially getting to share it with a… Read More

  After arriving in the late afternoon on Monday from our weekend of island hopping, The Leapers were ready get back to work. But no before we celebrated Pepe´s birthday party! Pepe works at the hacienda and has been helping and directing us for the past week. We signed an ´I love boobies!´ shirt (blue-footed… Read More

    My name is Zoe, and I will be the blogger for the April Interns Placement in Ecuador, which starts in 15 days!!! Before I rant on about my preparation, excitement, anxieties, and hopes, let me tell you guys a bit about myself.   Let’s see. I’m 17 years old, which I know, is… Read More

The past week has passed incredibly quickly, and we can’t believe that we are already approaching our half way point! After having a leisurely weekend, we started our placement at Machwa pre and primary school, where I am doing my internship. When we arrived at the school we were surprised by how clean and well… Read More

  T.I.A One week in and we are now settling into the African ways of life. Freezing cold showers: 8, car breakdowns: 2, dormitory buildings in process: 1, Screams ( resulting from bugs, lizards, cold showers… main culprit is miss Katie and lucia…too many to count). After Izzi and Charlie missed their flight we all… Read More