Hey, my name is Adam and I have volunteered to be a part of the blog for the 2018 January trip to Peru. I left college over a year ago and have been working as a waiter and bartender in a restaurant to raise money for this trip, which in itself has been part of the experience. I left college with a level 3 diploma in business and for about 2 years, had quite an interest in hospitality, though recently this interest has dimmed and I feel I needed a restart so to speak. I felt like I needed to go away for a while, and that’s when I thought about Peru which had always perked my interest. For a while i was just planning on doing a normal trip to Peru, but honestly, I felt like travelling around and doing all the touristy things wasn’t really for me, especially as I wanted to go by myself.


That’s when my mum said she had seen an article in the newspaper for something called the leap, it not only included the traveling and touristy stuff but also allowed you to work and learn new skills which is exactly what I wanted. I mean how else would you really experience the culture than other than staying in a local’s house, right?

It’s been relatively easy to set up as well, as the leap have organised flights, accommodation so really all I have had to concentrate on is working to get the money. Of course, there’s buying the equipment as well but The Leap give you a list of what too bring. The mixture of excitement and nerves is a bitter sweet one, especially when it all starts to fall in too place, but I know I need to do this.


I’m also excited for when I come back, recently I had hit a bit of a wall on what I wanted to do with myself but now with the help from some family members and friends I will be experimenting with a few ventures when I get back. Including trying to get work on a film set, possibly getting in to YouTube and putting up videos of my various ideas, but also experimenting with writing as I have always been a fan of reading it baffles me that I haven’t tried to test my skills in this venture before! Of course, practice makes perfect and that’s why I have chosen to take up this blog for The Leap as I want to perfect the act of putting my thoughts on to paper and I plan to have a lot of thoughts while I am in Peru!


Speak soon

Sincerely Adam