We’ve all found our inner adrenaline this week with white water rafting, bridge jumping, zip lining and hiking, and that’s not everything we all got up to! We started by going to the beautiful crater lake of Quilotoa; it was so beautiful with its green colour. Once we’d finished being amazed at how cold it was (resulting in many going to buy jumpers, hats and scarves!) but how cosy our little hostel was, we trekked down and went kayaking around the lake before making the difficult hike back up (in altitude!). Definitely hard work, but so worth it for the insane views that came with it.

We then headed for the adventure town of Baños where we went straight up the the swing off of the edge of the world – such a surreal thing to be able to do! We went on to do white water rafting down some crazy rapids, that definitely got my adrenaline levels up! So much fun though with lots of screaming and laughing every time we all almost got thrown out of the boat! So beautiful to be doing it through the rainforest though, even if we were a little distracted to take in the views. I went and did some more zip lining on Sunday through the forest and saw some hidden waterfalls which were so amazing, but nothing on the huge birds that glided past us.

Riobamba has also been a part of this week’s travelling and today we ventured up the Chimborazo mountain which is beautifully snow capped and surrounded by nothingness making it even more magnificent. We hiked up to 5000m which was definitely a challenge, again with the massive change in altitude, but such an achievement when we arrived at the top! We celebrated in the best way possible with cinnamon hot chocolate to warm us up from the freezing temperatures outside. Some people then mountain biked all the way back down past the wild alpacas (they’re so cute!), quite the success!

Final week of the trip next week which is so sad, but ending on the Amazon will be incredible!